Homemade Recovery Drink Recipe?


I like the Skratch recovery drink, but I was looking at the ingredients and it pretty much looks like chocolate milk with lactase for digestion (and probiotics, but the latest research shows that injesting probiotics isn’t doing much). I feel like I could do this for much less cost per serving.

Anyone have any a recipe they love that hits the 4:1 ratio?


Not a drink…but something I do post big rides that end at home (trainer or otherwise)

Make a regular bowl of oatmeal and mix in a banana and chocolate whey protein

Comes out to around 375 calories - 275 from carbs and 100ish from the protein

If I’m racing or riding from my car I’ll often bring a thing of overnight oats (greek yogurt with raw oats and fruit stirred in) which gets me a similar ratio

I prefer whole foods over the mixes when I can get them (I eat a lot of processed carbs on the bike, so I’m rarely in the mood for a ‘shake’ of any sort right after a long ride).

That said - I do love the skratch chocolate recovery - it is just such a similar sweetness to gels, hydration, etc that I usually want something with a bit more substance (sometimes that’s a sweet potato, sometimes it is the things listed above)


Skratch Recovery is the best. For those of us old enough to remember drinking Quik Chocolate Milk. The chocolate powder variety. Everytime I have it It reminds me of being a kid. Even to the point of leaving some of the powder not dissolved so that you could eat it after you were done with the milk. Good stuff.


LOVED eating it dry! :grinning:


That’s exactly what I have, a pint of chocolate nesquick made with skimmed milk


If you know the ratios you want then just buy in bulk from your favourite supplier and make your own.

I buy whey protein and maltodextrin, along with sucralose, glutamine and flavour drops from wherever is cheapest at the time and you can make a mix to your own spec.


I’ve never worked out the ratios but I typically have 1 banana, 1/2 avacado, frozen berries, shelled hemp seed, chia seed, flax seed and spirulina, blitzed with water. Could use coconut water or coconut milk/ Oat milk. I don’t measure just tip them in but at a guess a couple of tablespoons of the seeds and one of spirulina.

This is also my breakfast smoothie

An option to avoid whey and dairy.


I just replicated the ingredients from a drink I had. I forget the measurements but just made the macros work out: dextrose,protein powder, BCAAs, glutamine.



Here is the link to my recipe.

My main problem was cramping during late night sleep.
I drink 500ml after a 1 hour ride. Double that after longer exercise.
I have started drinking it during long exercise to maintain body fuel.
Note that I don’t take protein after workouts, I get enough from my diet.
I’m quite happy with the drink.
I have-not had cramps since I started taking it.

P.S. – Make sure you use high quality seas salt. Baileen is my preferred. If it tastes too salty, adjust salt measure to taste.



Are you trying to avoid lactose or just trying to do it cheaper? Because chocolate milk is going to be the cheapest per serving, hands down.


500-700ml Water
1 ms Whey Protein
1-2 ms Maltodextrin
1 ms Ovaltine (Ovomaltine/Einmalzin)

ms = measuring spoon


Just being cheap. I can tolerate lactose pretty well so I don’t really need the lactase addition. Looking at nutritional information and it looks like 8oz of milk with 20g of sugars added and some cocoa powder pretty much mimics Skratch.

8g protein and 32g of carbs (12 naturally in the milk, 20 added). I’m looking at the different sugar options now.


I’m going to have to start adding whey powder or similar into my drinks. I’ve been monitoring my food intake for two weeks and as an older athlete I’m struggling to get the recommended higher levels of protein every day


Milk contains high amounts of casein, which takes quite long to digest. Wouldn’t see that as good option for a recovery drink, which need to be quite quick to absorb. Water with whey (as protein) is a much better option.


I personally avoid milk as dairy doesn’t go well with me. My recovery shake is a banana, frozen strawberries and mango, 1/2 cup each, honey, and a scoop of protien powder, I do pea protein but if I could I would do vanilla whey isolate.


I go for SiS Rego Rapid Recovery shake with water these days. I’ve never used a protein recovery powder with a high carb content before, so I’m experimenting for a few months to see how it goes. One month in, so far so good. The high carbs in it definately curb my food cravings for longer, which is esp important if I know I cannot eat a meal for 1-2hrs post workout. It helps me during the week after work when I’m time crunched. On weekends I don’t really need recovery shakes because I can cook a meal immediately. Nutritional info for the SiS Rego;

And I also use the SiS Go Energy bars if I’ve trained remotely and I know I don’t have access to food for 30-60mins, such as trail/bush running, and also after swimming sessions as my pool is 30mins from home. Basically all carbs but immediately cures that post swim/run hunger. Info;