How to Pick the Right Plan, Weight Management, Recovery Strategies and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 192


​I have a 50 mile MTN Bike race on Sat. Can you guys discuss pacing for MTN Bike. Is it all about perceived effort? Thanks for all you do to make us faster!!


@chad Please list the hip stability exercises.


any thoughts on keystone esters the HVMN drink specifically


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We had some audio issues during the live stream so I am working on fixing it and it will be uploaded shortly


@chad Following my A race (30k tt) in a couple months, I have 11 weeks to my next A race (30k tt)… how do i go about a rebuild phase since I don’t have exactly 12 weeks and I’d like to definitely rebuild being that I’m nowhere near a genetic plateau?

(currently halfway through sustained build LV +300ishTSS outside, followed by mid volume 40k tt specialty)


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The audio is uploaded to SoundCloud!

I am working on finishing up the video and it’ll be up soon for you all!


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More info on this, please!




Ah…so not a true UCI Worlds…that would be cool!


Thanks for posting! Basic synopsis though, 150miles, brings out the heavy hitters of the gravel scene. Usually 10k ft of climbing, so I’m kicking myself for not doing it this past summer, it was a flatter and faster event (I had flown out the night before for a family visit but never got my planning done to arrange for equipment and such). The thing of this one is it’s self-supported, so while there are checkpoints, you can’t have help or stuff waiting for you, you either have to bring stuff or stop at the local markets.


Yeah, it’s tongue in cheek but I think it’s starting to rival DK as a big event


There’s official UCI Grand Fondo Worlds…I could see a gravel worlds within the next decade, esp now with pro teams getting into the gravel scene. :+1:


@Nate I’m going to be at Gravel Worlds too. It’ll be fast and not very dangerous or technical. Offering rides from the Omaha airport for any TR crew members that want to come out.


Which one would be the best plan to stick with if I don’t have any race in mind for the next year?

Let’s imagine that I just want to improve my FTP and get fast over the next 8 months?

It should be OK if I do just Sweet Spot Base II and Sustained Power Build over and over againg? \


If you want to come out of this next season with a good overall fitness and have boosted your FTP, I would recommend the following progression:

  • Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2
  • General Build
  • Choose any Specialty Phase that interests you. This could be used to work on a weakness you may have or simply something you enjoy doing.



Just had a random thought listening to the answer to the question about conserving momentum.

Is there a metric that could be used to measure this? I’m thinking that there are a few variables like speed/power/gradient/time that come into play. Is it even possible to look at a race file and determine how well you did at this without comparing your riding to someone else’s?


Re: The Race vs Survival vs “middle ground” naming.

How about something like “Challenge”?

  • Like a Personal Challenge with the emphasis to not “race” at the front, and not merely “survive”, but push yourself to your own maximum effort, whatever that is.

I am sure there are other synonyms and words that might be better. Just a starting point for a better name on the real zone that the majority of us probably live and compete.