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Ha you would think that, but the place is awesome, its like a MTB mecca. There are trails everywhere, of every variety from simple greens to gnarly downhill all of it super well built and maintained. You could probably ride every day for a month and not do all the trails within an hour drive of downtown Bentonville. Some of the trails even have FREE shuttles being paid for by the Walton family. There is even a rumor that the Waltons recently purchased a used chairlift.

The town itself it pretty nice as well, almost has like a downtown vibe but on a really small scale, hard to describe. Oh and a number of the food joints there are bike themed lol!


Hey guys just was listening to the tail end of the pod cast, and had to respond…

One pat of butter is not 200 calories. 200 calories is 1/4 of the whole stick. That is an s ton of butter for your bread!

Also for burritos, get the avocado, skip the cheese and sour cream.


Since we’re suggesting gravel races for @nate to tackle, let me put a plug in for Barry Roubaix, which happens in April in Michigan. It’s the worlds biggest gravel race, is definitely a ‘race’ at the front, and is a super fun, well-organized event sponsored by an awesome local brewery.

And if you want to go all international, come to Canada and do Paris-Ancaster, which takes place about 2 weeks later, is equally awesome and competitive, and is also right-sized (about 70 km of mixed terrain, so you can complete it in a little over 2 hours).


I mean the whole place in general. Its 100% artifice.


I do the Barry Roubaix every year – I think it would definitely give these guys a taste of a different type of gravel race than the ones they describe.

I race Midwest gravel - and it is WAY more like a road race than the gravel races they describe. It’s fast, surge-y, and at the pointy end of things there are constant attacks.

Also @Jonathan, @chad - The Iceman race is only 30 miles point-to-point. Nowhere near a hundred miles. Kabush won it in 1:30 this year. In second place was Alexey Vermullen (former Lotto NL Jumbo world tour rider).

Totally a manageable effort. Most folks ride hard tails - not very technical.

The Michigan gravel/dirt/overall biking scene is one of the best kept secrets in the country. My favorite place to ride. Think Flanders vs. the Alps – so you gotta like that type of riding.


Just came across this research regarding hot yoga and plasma volume which seemed topical to last weeks podcast. Shame there were only 10 participants but shows some positive results for anyone curious