How to reorder order workouts in calendar in the app?



Is there a way to re order workouts in the calendar in the app?


Yeah I’d like to be able to do that too


I think you have to do it in the browser version, no? It seems pretty straight-forward there.


No, those controls are not in the App on any platform yet.

Major Calendar changes still need to be done on the web, for now.

Some tools will be coming to the App, but not sure exactly which or when they will arrive.


+1 for this feature


Yeah I just realized what a hassle this is. I setup Davis as a warmup and Flinders as my main, but the calendar keeps showing Flinders first, and I almost forgot to do Davis.

meh. I look forward to it, but not the end of the world.

EDIT 17:50 5 JAN 2018

I opened the app to look at the view there, and they were ordered correctly, when I went back to the calendar on the web, it was in the correct order there. So I retract any statements I may or may not have made about there being a hassle with TR. :wink::wink: