How to spontaneously extend warm down?


First of all, thanks for a great TR product!

I am in my second week of TR and looking to find out how I can spontaneously extend my warm (cool) down after a workout. I would like to just ride a bit longer at the last wattage of the downward ramp at the end of the workout for maybe 10 minutes.

I am being taken out of the workout after it is finished. Starting “Free Ride” means I have to shift etc to get wattage and the associated noise (I have a smart trainer). I just started Taku then and put the intensity to 70%, which worked but seems not optimal.


Extending a workout - how to do it mid workout

This is a feature of iOS, but not yet a feature of the desktop version (at least not on Mac). Here is a post from the Facebook group from when it first came out:


@julianoliver, does that only work for an extended warm up or can you add time to the end of your cool down?




Nice. I hope that gets integrated into the Mac app.


It is already planned for the PC & Mac apps.


Thank you for this, I understand that there may be a feature coming up. Indeed I am using the Mac app.

But how are you guys doing it now?


There are some rides called “Free Ride XX” that work great as they allow you to pick and choose. This is my work around until the feature comes to PC


Same way that you are, finishing the ride and then starting a new one. Freeride, Recess or Taku are generally my go-to’s.


Hi! Came across this thread today and wanted to let you all know we are actively working on this feature for our desktop apps. Will post another update when it’s available for all of you. Hang tight!


any update on this?


Try pausing the workout and see if the power on your trainer holds.

Worked in the past on my KickR, using the iOS.