How TrainerRoad helped me save my son


Moving and inspiring story.
You gained so much more than an increased FTP. All the best to your son and you. Hope he will like cycling as well and both of you will enjoy riding many km’s together!


Since I shared the short version of this story here, I thought some of you may be interested in the long version (it’s quite long) with our full story. I recently tackled this subject at work, highlighting all the tech that helped me reach my goals.


Respect :fist:


What an amazing Daddy and a lovely story! Congratulations and best wishes from Scotland!


You Sir, are all that is good about humanity. I hope that your son continues his recovery and I trust that you’re still on the bike :wink:

Just remember, the day will come when he can beat you and what a sweet day that will be :ok_hand:t2:


Every time I read this I cant hold it back and it reminds whats important in this life.
thank you!


I absolutely LOVE this. You are so inspiring! Got pretty teary-eyed just reading that!


Awesome and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing. What a fantastic dad. :smile:


Such a lovely story, pleased for you and your family


Wow! So happy for both your son and you! Big kudos!


You are awesome. So pleased to hear your son is doing well too. :muscle:


Amazing. All the best to both of you.


This brought me to tears, with a 10-month-old down the hall from me right now.

You’re the man, keep it up and he’ll end up as great as you are.


That’s simply fantastic!


I’ve just gone and read the long story…wow
Absolutely incredible, I don’t think you could have found a stronger training motivator!
Well done


That’s awesome!


Amazing, well done you… best t-shirts in the world too… copy & Paste :joy: