I wanna buy a Trainerroad branded water bottle!


Just got a Zwift branded watter bottle… got me thinking I want (NEED) a Trainerroad water botttle now! (I run both concurrently).

Trainerroad ppl- any way to get these going?


Hey there! We don’t currently sell any “swag” items, but if you happen to be at a race or event some of the podcast guys are attending, hit them up!


What about us poor folks who live in Europe? When’s TR coming over across the pond?!


If you still decide to make a TR water bottle available, please choose the Camelbak Podium.


Counter request: if you make bottles please don’t use Camelbak/Vista Outdoor


The bottles already exist, and are what they are (Purist, IIRC). That’s all the further that needs to go.