I'm sick all the time! 10 courses of antibiotics in the last 15 months. Please help!



Man @Nate! I’m so sorry you have to be going through this. I can’t offer you any scientific data or magic cures but you’ll be in my prayers buddy.


I wonder if team sky has a poop protection protocol


A wise doctor once said the body’s default state is health. So what is it that is keeping your body from returning to its default state? I would explore possible food sensitivities that might may be suppressing your immune system daily. For example my daughter was sick constantly for 8 years of her life then she went off dairy and the symptoms and illnesses stopped within weeks. Check out this test out: https://www.anylabtestnow.com/tests/intolerance-and-sensitivity-200-food-panel/

You can also experiment yourself by paying close attention to minor changes in your congestion and inflammation after meals. Subtle things like sneezing, phlegm, etc. This is your body telling you what you are eating may not be good for you and though the reaction is minor over time day after day you could be unknowingly suppressing your immune system.

Another interesting approach is to measure changes in your HRV after each meal to again see what foods are generating and inflammatory response. Have not used this app but trust HRV numbers with my life!


Good luck Nate!


First, thank you so much for the pod cast. I have learned so many valuable things by listening. Huge props and mad respect for all of the knowledge you share so generously.

I am not a doctor. But, I’m 51, a parent and an athlete. Here are my thoughts and suggestions…

  1. Take a break from performance training and prioritize your health until some of this is resolved.
  2. One thing that stands out for me is that your gut biome must be ravaged from the antibiotics. Pre-biotics (eat fiber) are as important as pro-biotics if not more, for restoring your gut biome. 60-70 and up to 100 grams of fiber per day is what may be needed. Cabbage, spinach and other green leafy veggies, beans, nuts, seeds and other legumes like lentils can help you get there.
  3. Another thing to look at is the cpap… and it seems plausible that it’s infecting and re-infecting you continuously. Can you discontinue it’s use temporarily, or find a way to clean and disinfect it such that you can sustain good health while using it.
  4. Try to rely less on supplements, and more on whole foods, for your nutrients. This will help with the fiber but also the absorption of the nutrients. I use an app called Cronometer that tracks nutrients, and I’ll supplement at the end of the day if I’m deficient in something. One green smoothie with a variety of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds every morning can hit most of what’s needed every day.

I wish you all the best and all the luck Nate! And, thanks again for sharing your knowledge and providing such a valuable product and pod cast.


Hey Nate,

Bad luck on the health.

I appreciate you have a solid diet, but I had a terrible time with Candida. It is a commonly found bacteria in your stomach which if it grows too much causes your gut to leak into your blood stream.

If I exercised, I would effectively poison myself. I would then get ill/depressed/moody. See the symptoms here:


Common causes of an overgrowth is from taking antibiotics which kills everything in the stomach, and the bad stuff takes hold.

You can do a test here


Or visit a kinesiologist which I did and she diagnosed me.

One of the biggest impacts was that my adrenals got shot from too much ‘poison’ in my blood stream. That left me really tired. Similar to yourself with young kids, I would end up having to sleep a lot during the day. Especially when I exercised, even though I was quite fit.

My first step was to sort out the stomach, then sort out the adrenals. I am still on the journey and started that in February. Getting back into exercise now albeit slowly.

I am also doing the following, which should stop me getting sick in the future.

Good luck getting the health you deserve,


My apologies if this has already been mentioned, since I didn’t read the entire thread, but consider looking for a doctor who practices functional medicine. I’ve been reading “The Autoimmune Solution,” by Amy Myers, and a lot of it makes sense. Basically, it’s all about our food (gluten, milk, etc.) If you can heal your gut and get it back to normal, your body starts working right again. I can’t give a testimonial, as I haven’t applied her strategy yet, but it can’t hurt to check out. I’m a huge fan of not taking prescriptions all the time.


Beware of ‘functional medicine’ or similar proponents (who just happen to be selling you books/tests/supplements/cures).

Legitimate autoimmune diseases are incredibly serious but unfortunately poorly understood. As a result the treatments available are really not ideal. Those suffering are really vulnerable to people selling a quick fix. The money spent on these things would do much more good if it were directed to research.


Unfortunately research is funded by pharmaceutical companies and they are the biggest proponents of miracle cures.


Ironically it’s more profitable for pharma companies not to come up with miracle cures - much better to have people on long term treatments.

But that’s another problem. Not all research is pharma based, plenty comes from governments/research councils etc which furthers our knowledge.


I agree with the need for independent scientific research. Unfortunately, it is too hard to determine if research results have been influenced by corporate or special interest groups regardless of who conducts the research, government and research councils included.


If you are familiar with issues such as; competing interests of authors/funders, reproducibility, open data, some basic concepts of bias etc then you can be pretty well equipped to spot bad studies or at least asks pertinent questions.

Peer review (where these issues should be adressed) also needs reform but I’m not sure we should throw the baby out with the bath water. There is a lot of high quality research being done around the world and plenty of researchers who are promoting better science which doesn’t align with the interests of big pharma or the publishers of journals.

Just to add, it seems like any research in support of ‘complimentary/alternative’ medicines are the worst offenders for having opaque funding sources and shady research practice.


I am a dental hygienist that is trained in myofunctional therapy. My question to you is did you have any teeth extracted for ortho? I would consider the ALF appliance or the Vivos DNA appliance if you have a narrow palate or those missing teeth. Have an airway centric dentist assess your airway and the position of your hyoid bone. Also, see an Orofacial myologist, cranial sacral therapist and get a myofacial release for the hyoid bone. Consider reading the book the Dental Diet and the book 6 Foot Tiger in a 3 Foot Cage. Sleep apnea can be found in individuals with small dental arches and individuals that are tongue tied. Palates can be expanded and tongues can be released. I have so much more info for you regarding sleep. This is just the start…


Nate…also not a doctor but couple additional thoughts:

All of these times you have been prescribed antibiotics have they ever done a culture to see what strain of bacteria it is? And or if it is a bacteria at all?

Sinus infections are extremely tough to penetrate the tissue spaces with antibiotics…Doctors traditionally use Zithromax azithromycin for too short of a time line and this one is the least penetrating of the macro lides. Clarithromycin and or quinolone are much better at getting to the site of infection …12-24 days is usual time window for true sinus infections …

Have you thought maybe you having some kind of fungal infection? With the high amounts of carbs and that c-pap machine could have some kind of fungus blooming

Hope you feel better !!


A couple doctors have recommended this, I’m going to see if my ENT can do this next time.

Yes, I’m going to have that same ENT do a fungal culture to see if it’s that.


I found an article on The scalene muscle group in the neck.
He mentions that he had two clients that had chronic sinus infections that where helped by trigger point therapy in the scalene area.
I have not found any other sources claiming the same result but it is an easy thing to try and this site usually is really science driven.


Hi Nate,

Your issues sound pretty much exactly what I dealt with some 10 years ago, constantly getting sick/sinus infections/courses of antibiotics/sinus surgery etc plus a whole other host of health issues that no health professional could put their finger on. Very long story short, a consulation with a clinical biologist whom directed me to try a grain free diet, which for people with a compromised immune system can be very helpful, is this something you’ve considered/researched? My life has dramatically transformed since changing my diet, and the only time I’ve had a sinus infection in the last 10 years was when I was in overseas for a month, where I changed my diet introducing a lot of grain for the first time in years

I think the suggestions here regarding diet/leaky gut/candida are on the money, there’s low hanging fruit here to try before you start going down the path of expensive immune boosters etc. If you are interested I can point you to some helpful resources.


Yes, it’s on the list to try. I’m going dairy free right now, so far no change in how I feel but I want to give it a good 3 months before I have any conclusions.


I saw this advertised on TV
Maybe your CPAP nasal pillows aren’t getting clean enough


My immune system was in such a bad way it took months for me to see any positive changes, but slowly I started noticing I had more energy, less sickness and little niggly issues I always had slowly disappeared. Even if you aren’t intolerant to grain, if your immune system is suppressed you can get a good benefit from avoiding it for periods when you are run down, as the lectin proteins in grains which are defence chemiclas to stop humans and animals from eating them can cause an auto immune response.


Have you already tried to use Pari Sinus (https://www.pari.com/us-en/products/sinus/sinustm-pulsating-aerosol-system/) and do nose cleaning (with saltwater) on a regular base?