I'm sick all the time! 10 courses of antibiotics in the last 15 months. Please help!



I’ve used a similar product called the Navage (along with a few others).


Navage isn’t on the same level like the Sinus (works with pressure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=telU1eNNYMo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaUVvxbwOkA).


Antibiotics wipe everything out. Even taking probiotics is very hit and miss.

Contact these people:

Best lady to speak to is Gunilla Gerber. She is one of many very qualified natural health practitioners.

They also know people in LA or Clearwater/Tampa that may be of much help.

Good luck Nate.


My wife has just had to go dairy & soya free as our baby has a milk protein allergy.

Milk is in everything nice :frowning: and dairy free products all seem to have soya in them! Has improved life for my little girl no end though so it’s worth it.


Apologies if this has already been said, but have you tried HR variability to determine when and how hard you should train?
I haven’t used it myself, but it’s something I’m interested in.
Maybe you could get someone on the podcast to talk about it?


Yes I have. It’s pretty much like rolling the dice for me. Some days when I’m clearly sick and feel really bad it tells me to get after it, then other days when I feel outstanding it tells me to rest. I see no correlation between that and how I feel.


Same. I gave up on it a few years ago.


Well worth the listen.


Desperation is the lifeblood of pseudoscience and quackery. Be careful out there!


I’ve pulled together some blood work over the last few years. I just took another immune system test and I’m waiting for the results on that one. Once I get those I’ll start a new thread.

I have results from 2012, 2015 and 2016. I had at least 10 months off of cycling before my 2015 test. Not sure about my 2012 test.

2012 Highlights:

  • Low WBC
  • Low IgG3
  • Low Neutrophils (Absolute)
  • Hematocrit (40) and Bilirubin were normal

2015 Highlights:

  • Low IgG3
  • Testosterone was normal

2016 Highlights:

  • Low IgG3
  • Low Pneumo AB Type 1
  • Low Pneumo AB Type 4
  • Low Pneumo AB Type 8
  • Low Pneumo AB Type 12
  • Low Pneumo AB Type 23
  • Low Pneumo AB Type 26

Low range test images




Full Blood Work Results
If you’re a doctor let me know and I can email it to you, you can email me at nate@trainerroad.com


Nate: You have an IgG3 deficiency. It was present on all the lab studies repetitively.
Sounds like IVIG is the ticket. Except that I shudder to think what your FTP will be if you continue to train without frequent interruptions. I guess the only excuse I have is my age.

BTW, I am a Dermatologist.


Have you tried fasting? Studies show that fasting for more than 48hrs resets the immunine system.
I’m now intermittend fasting and up till now I feel better than before.


Any links to these studies? What exactly do you mean by ‘reset’?


Hi Nate, didn´t read 213 thoughts up, but try to 12-20 weeks of healing base training with max 5 workdays ( max 1 -1,5h ) at max of 60% ftp intensity, 45-50% better. One day in week try to do summary max 10-20min at ftp, no vo2max work… Several years ago I did it after about half year on antibiotics… I didn´t to get stronger but wasn´t ill next years… Best regards. Lubo


Not the exact study but:


@Nate https://www.scienceinsport.com/rego-cherry-juice


Nate, without a doubt, you should not be getting sick like this. I just read a book by Dr. Phil Maffetone which may interest you. I hesitate to mention it only because I know part of his method involves some food testing and we all know you love your carbs! :slight_smile: . This is his website https://philmaffetone.com/

The book I read was https://shop.philmaffetone.com/collections/maf-books/products/the-endurance-handbook.

It involves some lifestyle changes as well.

Take a look. If you have tried everything else, maybe something like this might be worth a try.


10 of these a day and I’ll be right as rain!




Nate — After reading the attached article I think this explanation makes a lot of sense and is definitely worth looking into.