I'm sick all the time! 10 courses of antibiotics in the last 15 months. Please help!



Okay, this is funny but I actually started taking this two months ago and I forgot to add it to the list. It’s a different brand but same idea.

I’m embarrassed by all the stuff I’m taking…but like I said, I’m desperate.


I started this about two months ago but I’m taking it every day. I also do zinc nasal sprays.

I appreciate everyone’s suggestions!! I feel bad saying “oh yes, tried that” but I haven’t tried it all! :smiley:

I’m also getting another IgG panel and pneumonia test next Monday. The pneumonia test is supposed to see if my immune system is functioning well.


I don’t really remember. I asked my parents this last week and one said I was OK during high school and the other said I got a lot of strep throat :man_shrugging:.

I do “veg” out and spend a lot of time in bed watching TV after work.


Yes, I will bring this up, thank you.


Wow, this is really promising!! We are on united healthcare and I haven’t looked into the costs, I’m just taking the off the cuff comment by the doctor as gospel.

My immunologist told me this is pretty much my only choice so far, so it might be worth a shot.

Plus, I control the TR health insurance, so I can switch and get the optimal plan. If it applies to my out of pocket maximum then I’d be totally fine paying.

If this did boost my immune system (as it should) I could stop taking antibiotics and anything gut related would improve.

Thanks so much, I will ask my doctor about this!


I didn’t see it mentioned but have you tried higher doses of Vitamin C? As an endurance athlete, meta analysis has shown vitamin C halves the risk of common cold. Ester C might be better than regular ascorbic acid.


Other things to rule out are parasitic infections. Been to warm places where parasites are more common? Contact with or own cats? (toxoplasmosis)

Presence and sensitivity to mold at work/home/car? Have you tried home hepa filters?

At the immunologist, did they go as far as testing for NK cell function?

Rather than poor immune system function, it may also be the case that your immune system is overactive. That’s another thing to look into.


That’s a good point that it might be overactive. I’ve been taking a pretty high daily dose of vitamin C for the last month or so.

We do have good filters in my house. We’re also moving to a new house soon so if they all go away I’ll know it’s the house! :slight_smile:.

No cats, I’m super allergic to them (of course).

I’ve been to India but I have problems before I went there. Other than that I can’t think of a place…maybe Mexico?


Well that would be a good excuse for getting a new house…the old one was making you sick! :joy:

Parasites are possible in Mexico or anywhere with untreated water, including the US. Local ponds, rivers, dirt, mud, along with places where animals might poo… I believe Chris Froome had a rare parasite that was hard to detect and i’m not sure what they did for him after they found it. Many people are asymptomatic but it can do weird things to our immune system so that’s something to consider. It’s rare though.

I guess the immunoglobulin therapy might be an option but in this paper they note a few things. The paper was sponsored by a grant from an immunotherapy biotech company too.


Without clear deficits of functional antibody, IgG subclass deficiency is not likely to be clinically significant.

Secondary causes can be divided into 2 categories: increased loss or reduced production. Before a diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency is made, the potential contribution of these factors should be considered.

You mentioned some protein in the urine? Was nephrotic syndrome ruled out? Pretty unlikely to be a problem if no other symptoms though.

It may be that the sickness is just a trigger for a mini cytokine storm in your sinuses.

Things to consider:

-hygiene hypothesis and how it may apply to you since you mentioned an extensive hx of allergies
-tracking your sleep to check quality and not just quantity? With a fitbit or Oura ring? poor sleep certainly affects immune system
-if low IgG is not a production problem and the underlying issue is that it’s being used up or excreted, IgG therapy is just a bandaid and unlikely to fix things.
-Yoga and meditation are also options that seem to have favorable benefits with regards to reducing inflammatory markers
-possibly diet related and systematic experimentation/elimination, heard stories so extreme that people resorted to the carnivore diet.
-possible environmental issue that your body is sensitized to something whether it’s normal flora like S. aureus, something fungal, other bacteria, pollen or proteases

It sucks but problems involving immune problems can be tough! We know a lot about serious disease states but the grey area is a great unknown. :weary:

It feels like all this is just reaching though and there’s no clear map to success. I hope the problem magically goes away for you as it sometimes does with these things.


She’s a but hazy about it but seems to recall it was about half a dozen treatments specifically for her sinusitis. The guy who did it was actually a friend of ours who was a doctor in General Practice. 20 years ago it would have been almost unheard of in the UK for a GP to practice alternative medicine alongside his normal practice and we were both highly sceptical at the time but it seemed to work.


Be cautious with Vitamin C supplements - it’s linked to calcium oxalate kidney stones as it is metabolized to oxalate before being cleared in the urine. Interestingly it seems vitamin C occurring naturally in foods, such as orange juice, does not carry the same risk.


I mention the following bc I didn’t read through all 130 posts but of those I read it wasn’t mentioned. Maybe to help aid in your sleep routine, you should try changing your bedroom setup such as mattress, sleep position, etc. I listened to the following podcast and it’s something to consider.

Metabolically, something seems off. I’d second the advice getting another opinion. Doctors know a ton, but more often you are your biggest champion and you have to keep seeking the resolution and bring up these pieces of info to your team of doctors.

You may consider adding more red meat, not copious amounts of course, to your endurance diet. There is life in the blood so adding a portion or two throughout the week should help with tissue recovery as it relates to the training you’ve been doing.

I wish you the best. It sucks not having an answer. You will get there. In the meantime, make a list of the steps you need to take moving forward. Then rest easy as you cross off those items along the way.


Wouldn’t it suck if the TR office was what was making you sick?


hey Nate

this might sound -and possibly is- silly, but try a more “gourmet” diet. Not for the nutrition value but because we are meant to enjoy eating and are wired for variety

ezekiel bread, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and gels, and cho drinks, and supplements? I get it, but can’t help wondering if you are damaging the “adaptations” your GI system (and others) needs

anyway, I probably sound like my mom :slight_smile:


@Nate I haven’t read all of these replies so maybe it’s been covered, but have you looked into autoimmune diseases? My wife has a form of rheumatoid arthritis and seems to always be battling low level fatigue and illness. Total shot in the dark, but maybe a visit to a rheumalogist would be advisable?


Thanks, I will bring this up with my immunologist.


Also, I didn’t see it mentioned but do you take allergy medicine while you have the sinusitis/cold? It may be an allergic reaction giving cold like symptoms, which I have from time to time, possibly from mold during the winters here. A second generation anti histamine could help. Claritin, Zyrtec or something along those lines.


Yes, I’ve tried them all. I usually do 1 allegera and 2x Claritin per day. Zyrtec makes me super sleepy.


I like you have several health issues. I have lots of allergy issues and have digestion issues from my Crohns disease. I take a number of prescribed drugs and do get shots for my allergies. i have a very weak immune system from the drugs but rarely have I been sick since my last major surgery 5 years ago with a cold or flu. I could just be lucky!

I am 58. I wash my hands regularly after any other physical contact and avoid those with illness. If staff get sick I want them to work from home. It is hard with kids to deal with the sickness as they are just exposed to so many more people and bring it home. It does change as they get older. Travel is also hard.

There are two items I would question.

You are very active likely with lots of stress re your position. I understand it and do have the same issues. Learning how to manage the stress and to slow things down from time to time does help. My only solution here is to take things substantially easier in high stress periods. Even I debate how hard to ride in my stress period which is April for me. My doctor showed me my pattern over the last 20 years of health issues in May. Stress definitely plays a role.

The other main item I see is you put so many different items in your system there is no way to know what reacts with what. I have to deal with this with my Crohns and digestion. Took me a long time to sort out an item such as lard caused me problems. The more recent removal of sugar from my diet had a dramatic impact to my health. Solving interactions is a very large challenge. Shorten what goes in can ensure you are not creating other impact as you add more items.

Why take supplements unless your body is missing something?

You take allergy shots…yet keep taking flonase? Is the flonase needed?

I know the desire to try everything when nothing is working. In my experience it is pushing to get to the right medical professional to sort things out. I went through many years of doctors trying all sorts of things before I was diagnosed with Crohns. In more recent times I had developed a cough. Numerous months of no solution was me pushing to get to the root of the problem. Three different doctors were seen and finally a solution. Allergy shots. Years later cough returns. Again I had to push the issue to get back to an allergist to get shots again. The medical profession can help but it is often up to you to help guide them on what is going on.

There is no easy answer to your issues. Wish you well in trying to get to the root of your problem.



CPAP - I was using nasal pillows until they discontinued the head gear I was using and I could no longer get a chin strap that would keep my mouth shut to work. I switched to a mask that covered my nose and mouth. It’s not quite as comfortable as the nasal pillows but it did stop the air from leaking out of my mouth and now it feels fine.


Don’t have time to read through all of the suggestions, but as I was listening to the podcast I was thinking that you have been putting yourself on a yo yo of training and work stress. How often is your training consisting of several bigger days instead of more frequent smaller stress days? You talk a lot about those 2 hour sweet spot workouts, and I have seen the 30 minute repeats on strava.

I know you said it wasn’t better when your kids were really young, but that is a lot of stress too with all the missed sleep. Your kids should be old enough that they aren’t the total germ factories that they were in the 1-3 year window after they start day care and interacting with other small children.