Instructional text has negative effect



That problems sort of solves itself for me. When I don’t have the capacity to deal with the instructional texts because the workout is too high-intensity, I usually just stare at the numbers anyway (I run TR on a big computer screen) with TR in minimal mode, so I don’t see the text. When I have the cognitive capacity for form drills etc., I look up and see the texts. :slight_smile:


He is aware of the verbal abuse he takes. And has even mentioned it in at least one instuctional text situation and on the podcast several times.

On the flip side I too feel like im winning when the txt reads “if you need to backpedal…” And i dont feel the need, it gives me an extra boost of confidence and a warm fuzzy feeling. or maybe thats just legs burning.


Yes! Ramp test warns you about “pain” and “suffer” multiple times which makes it much scarier than it is.


I used to hate this type of stuff, like seeing “shut up legs” spray painted on a steep road
But I just ignore it. More focused on not rocking side to side and keeping a still torso and relaxed grip.
It comes down to the individual and focusing on something else is one way I ignored it


Maybe there should be two categories of WO text:

Instructional Text, i.e., cadence, hand position, etc


Motivational Text, i.e., “this is going to hurt”

and you could have the ability to turn off one or the other.


My problem is that the text often blocks the bar chart when I am trying to get a mental grip on the efforts a couple of minutes in advance.