Intermittent Fasting, Lab Testing, Why Sweetspot is Hard & More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 194


Thanks, now I’m thinking about crumpets with golden syrup too.


Some of my older cat 4 races were faster than my cat 3 races. Surgy. People scared to let anything go. Strung out a lot.


What’s interesting to me with all this discussion about intermittent fasting is the different methods now being proposed. When I first heard about it, it was starting to gain traction with those who had their physique in mind since they were claiming they could do a true recomp (build muscle and burn fat). This was also around the time that paleo was becoming popular and promoters of the style have said that IF is more similar to the hunter gatherer way of life. The missing piece though is nobody here has mentioned that post-workout you are allowed to eat (whole foods) almost ad libitum. You want to fuel yourself, but the majority is going to be post-workout. Technically you can start your fast 16 hours before your workout is done, but if you are waiting a significant amount of time afterwards that is counter to much of the advice out there for how to perform IF.

A quick search shows that is still one of the more popular IF styles, and he’ll talk about fasting and feeding windows. As an athlete, if you are not going to pre-fuel, you definitely should be doing post-fueling.


Went w/ Gu (found a decent price for a box of lemon lime). Took your advice and washed it down with plenty of water. So far, so good!


Very glad to hear!