Interrupted during long workout


I love working from home - no commute and general flexibility with work schedule is awesome. However, especially with more 2-hour workouts on my plate as part of the high-volume plan, I’m wondering what to do when work doesn’t cooperate and a client has a screaming emergency they need my help with just as I’m about half-way through a 3x20 workout or something.

Are there any drawbacks (or benefits) from:

a) Calling it a day at the half-way mark and calling the workout ‘done’, pick up the plan the next day with the next scheduled workout.

b) Pause / save the workout and come back to finish it later that day (could be anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours).

c) Discard, come back and re-do the full workout the next day.



The purpose of the long workouts such as Galena with the 3x20min set is muscular endurance. By cutting these shorts or taking long breaks you simply remove that adaption element. Short infrequent breaks are OK, backpedal for 15-30s, but as soon as you start getting off for 20+min or longer you start to lose that muscular endurance component. If you take a half day break for example and pick it up in the evening you just give your muscles a chance to rest and refuel. It’s not to say it’s still not a good workout, doing something is far better than nothing and life does happen, but just be aware it won’t be as beneficial.