IQ2 power meter



I know there was a post on the Facebook group about the IQ2 power meter. I was willing to take a punt at the price they were offering it at. Somehow I missed some updates. Check out the update posted on the Sep 10, 2018 • 2:46PM that has some real power numbers using the DC Rainmaker tool.

Has anyone else backed this project. I have never had a power meter before as they were so expensive. I saw Ray’s original video and he gave off a good vibe, but with the usual caveats, but I took the leap. I’m looking forward to it arriving.


There’s not much in the way of solid data yet so I’m keeping an eye on it and if it actually comes to market might buy then


If the wide Q-factor isn’t an issue for you, then sure it’s worth a go. Sounds like they’re going to be very popular.


I wouldn’t roll the dice on a power meter that doesn’t have validated data and has been made available for a wide array of tests. The difference in price between this and the cheapest single sided power meters isn’t enough to be worth the gamble for me. Plenty of people can get 95% solutions on power meters, but the devil is very much in the details and I’ve seen too many other companies get close but never deliver (I was really pulling for brim brothers)


I just went for it with single sided. I am not necessarily too concerned about absolute accuracy, it’s more for interest so single-sided price was easy to take. Hopefully I’ll it before the New Year now that they are about to ship the first batch


aren’t you all scared off by the limits fiasco?


Risks of being an early adopter. It’s not a lot of money of it doesn’t work or it will be a steal if it does. One of my “constraints” is I ride mostly fixed so unless I put down big money for an SRM Track crank I would have to go to a pedal based system anyways and they aren’t cheap. Time will tell


I felt the same way. I got a different vibe about IQ2. I was a bit surprised that Ray even mentioned it after what happened with Limits. The fact he mentioned it and the qualifications of the people behind it gave me a bit more faith. It was a huge amount of money. As I don’t have a power meter thought I would give it a go. I’m in the first 500 so hopefully will have it early December.


Latest update, although a bit slim, looks like they are getting closer to shipping the first units and they hinted at posting some data. Will be interesting to see how well they stack up against the current standards.


I’m an early backer of them! Besides that I love to support new businesses, and they’re also from the Netherlands. I’d love to be able to be one of their early customers and hopefully get a good working power meter. And if the data isn’t as great as promised, that’s the risk of backing a crowd funding campaign.

Will write a review of it after receiving it and after having used it for a couple of months on my blog:


Never buy a powermeter that doesn’t have the DCRainmaker stamp of approval: