IQ2 power meter

It seems that the Stainless Steel version is a bit lighter than I estimated. The weight is 45 grams per side.

New update from IQ2 arrived today:

" Ok, here’s the latest delivery news --> we’re shipping the first batch in February.

As you know from a previous update, there was a delay because of the alternative component placement on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Somehow, the company producing the PCBs (after successful adaptations) didn’t deliver to our assembly partner in The Netherlands on time. iQsquare therefore missed the December production slot at our partner’s assembly factory. Not cool and very frustrating for all parties involved.

We were told over Christmas by our assembly partner to wait until their new production schedule comes out, which took place yesterday in the afternoon. They told us that our components are being soldered this week (today in fact), but that the testing and visual checks are scheduled for the end of January, after which we will start assembly and shipping. We are at the mercy of their time slots, which are usually filled up 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Regrettably, we cannot force ourselves into our partner’s schedule; their timelines are rigid."

Where did you get the update? I haven’t received any info from email. Thanks for the update.

I don’t think there was an email this time. I check the indiegogo page every few days and there was a new one there. There’s also a FB group for them.

I take it back, I did receive an email on the 9th as well. I still check IGG and KS for all the doom and gloom comments about how they are late

I had an email on the 9th.

I have a feeling that they’re struggling to get it working consistently. They’ve had they’re first production runs for some time now and still no data has been given

I wrote to them to inquire whether they were able to project delivery time for folks and go this back:

"Hi Hugh,

Thank you for the support and interest. As of the moment, we have already concluded our crowdfunding campaign and have entered the late stages of production. All of the power meters ordered through our webshop are expected to be delivered as early as March of 2019 onward. Those who backed us at Kickstarter and Indiegogo will have theirs delivered as early as February 2019.

At this moment though we do not have a list of the batches of power meters to be delivered in order.

Thank you,

Kenneth Perry
Customer Care Specialist"

Hmmmm so they’re going to be able to start to supply some in February. That’s two weeks time. Yet still nothing in the way of Real data or 3rd party functional trials.

Thanks for the update. I haven’t received any info via email. I’m looking forward to getting this metre on my mountain bike. Hopefully they remember my order!

Looks like they have their iOS app approved to go into the Apple App Store and they say they are on track to start shipping in February. From update #20:

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you all know we’ve been accepted to publish our app in the Apple store. As some backers rightfully noted, these things take a while. We also just received confirmation that our Android version should be accepted next week. We’ll let you know when we go live!

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I wonder if DCRainmaker and @GPLama have had some of those early versions for testing under NDA.

I kind of doubt it, it doen’t seem to be their MO. I get the impression that IQ2 is attempting the very difficult 1 cycle production run so every is done on prototypes and hope they get it all right for production the first time. If it works, it saves money but you have to be near perfect going into production.

We should know very soon :grinning:

Hopefully or it the will be a huge revolt from the impatient

It’s definitely not a great sign if they don’t want to hand over units to those guys.



I agree

I wouldn’t read too much into it. If they feel they have a handle on it they won’t send out anything but a ready for market unit. They seem to be engineering types not marketers and they already showed one then a preview and the feedback was I’ll wait for the production unit.

I haven’t heard from them since late August.


Both of those guys are pretty good about sticking to NDA’s until embargo/shipping date. So radio silence rather than continued speculation may actually be an indicator that they do have test units??

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GPlama just said above that he hasn’t heard from them since August.

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