IQ2 power meter


Official update time. Risky to attempt a one cycle production run and they hit a snag. Hopefully they can get it worked out.

In our last update two weeks ago, we showed you the first finished power meters and were looking forward to do some in-depth testing before shipping it over our first crowdfunding backers and professionals like DC Rainmaker, GCN and GP Lama.

In the meantime, we have indeed been extensively testing these first units. In this phase, we encountered some hiccups that we are now trying to solve. It seems that one of the power meter components influences the power readings in a way that is challenging to fix with software.

As a startup, the quality of the product that we want to deliver is our number one priority. Therefore, we’ll be testing and trying out different solutions all throughout the weekend and will get back to you with another update in the course of next week. There are always a number of solutions to a problem, but they all come with different timelines. Obviously, we’re looking for a way to adapt the current units within a manageable time frame.

Feel free to keep reaching out through customer support and thanks for staying in touch.

Kind regards and have a good weekend,

Team iQsquare


Erk, that sounds messy. I hope they can manage to fix it without a fundamental product redesign. Had high hopes for this one.


Without knowing the specific issue is hard to say, but they said it isn’t a simple software tweak. It could be as simple as hand soldering a resistor on the board or a big software tweak. Don’t know. I see it regularly in my job.


Brim Brothers anyone? Sounds like the exact same story: The first 99.8 miles of PM development are easy. The last 0.2 miles is messy b^*tch.


It sounds like they’ve got a major issue that they’re unable to resolve as of yet


It seems that someone is still working in IQ2: the estimated delivery times on the web store product pages have been updated to April.


I’ve been holding off buying my first power meter to see what the reviews of the iq2 were. I think I’m going to go with the new Stages 105 3rd gen power meter instead. The price of this has come down to £299 and the 3rd gen should be pretty good now. It was ging to be either the stages or the 4iiii which is on sale at £289.


Looks like this silver one is still on sale, though version2.0… £199


A new update…

Hi all, we mentioned last week that we experienced some hiccups that were challenging to solve with software. This week, after running multiple tests - inside, outside, pedal-focused, product-focused, crank-focused and more - we are a lot closer to reaching a conclusion on how to fix it.

Also, we’d like to address the frustration that some of you have expressed. We completely understand you. If we weren’t the inventors of this product, but instead waiting on the other side as backers, we’d be equally disappointed by the shifting delivery dates and perceived lack of technical information.

Having said that, it seems there are possibilities within rewriting part of the software that will help minimize any inconsistencies in power readings. This should be good news! We’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

Please find the entire update here


I just saw that as well. I am glad to see an update, I am not sure at this point if will be enough to appease the impatient ones. There are many comments that escalated from I want an update to I want a refund to this is a complete scam. I think that there are many who simply won’t be satisfied even when (if?) they finally receive it.


While I’m excited to see this product delivered, I ordered myself up another power metering solution. With my race season about to start I wanted to have a solution in place so my training can continue smoothly. Not sure what I’ll do when (if?) if gets here.

I’m sure they’re in a tough spot.
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I might be interested in it if the day comes. Between my son and I and the number of bikes, we could probably use another one.

I am still a bit skeptical on the ease of transferring between bikes. From my correspondence, the heli-coil part that you screw into the crankarm to which you bolt in the pedal/meter isn’t available as a separate part (yet) so to move pedals and meter from bike to bike, you have to unbolt the unit AND undo the heli-coil from the crankarm. I am not sure that I want to be un/reinstalling anything into the crankarm with any frequency for fear of messing the threads. I was hoping they would make the heli-coil adapters for sale.

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It is again more than two weeks since the last update from IQ2. :thinking:


Just received this:

Hi all,

In our last update two weeks ago we announced we’d update you once we have the conclusion to our accuracy challenge. We’ve been running multiple tests and tweaking the software to secure precision, but haven’t cracked the code yet. We’re currently trying out alternative algorithms with our partners and will inform you of the outcome.

Kind regards,

Team iQsquare

More waiting it seems… Hope no one is holding their breath for this! Seems a ‘difficult’ issue for them to solve…


Sigh. I hope they get this figured out.


Sounds they’re copying death spiral Brim Brothers emails verbatim…


No guarantee one way or the other.
But this sounds very familiar indeed

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So I have come to the conclusion that I will have to take a loss on the 219 Euros from the pledge.
Just ordered myself some Assioma Duo’s and if the IQ2 meters arrive anytime I will try to sell them off to limit some of the loss.


Who knew developing a new power meter would be difficult. :thinking: Hope this update is legit. What I don’t get is why they insist on going silent for so long between updates which only stokes the negative comments. They clearly don’t understand that even if they deliver a usable product, how much their reputation has been damaged

Hi all, after extensive extra testing these last few weeks we have finally localized the power meter phenomenon that has been causing the inaccurate power readings we’ve been receiving. To be honest, it’s been a bit of a frustrating time for both our iQsquare team and our skilled production partners. Every time we thought we had it, the issue seemed to ‘jump’ and we had to do more testing.

Where we previously thought we could fix the issue with extra calibration software, we now see that this is no longer a possibility. Now that we understand what the issue is, we can work on the solution. The good news is: there is a solution and we will try to present it next week or the week after; it will have quite a significant impact on the product.

We’ll present our solution in-depth with an extensive update as soon as possible.


Interesting. What grates is that they give about 70% of the story and leave out the detail that everyone needs to know. It comes across as dishonesty by omission. Really hope they sort it out as a lot of people have invested.