IQ2 power meter

I’m still pulling for them. Even with the disappointments, should they release something and stay in business and have a working/reliable product, they’ll be the best value on the market at their price point and the most flexible PM you can buy. As long as someone doesn’t come up with a shoe insole PM, Shimano doesn’t release a SPD pedal PM, or Garmin doesn’t build a powerpod into the 520, they’ll stay that way.

Another update. A couple of more ride files.

an “aftermovie” :joy: :joy: :joy: … that’s even weirder than the original, strange backer-testing-certificate-ceremony

I think they misunderstand the ‘battery burn rate’ data field. It’s the battery burn rate of the head unit, not the sensor.

From their post:

“Because the ANT+ protocol only facilitates five levels of battery status, the calculated burn rate is highly inaccurate.”

The battery burn rate we display is simply the battery rate recorded in the FIT file from the head unit, which is always a % number. How the head unit calculates that is of course partially black magic and unicorn dust, but it has nothing to do with ANT+ (which actually doesn’t have any true standard for it for head units).

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I’m guessing they didn’t ring you about a test ride :roll_eyes:

I shot them a short note today about the battery gauge. Just a general ‘Here’s how it works in the DCR Analyzer’. They replied back thanks. I didn’t say anything about testing in my message, but they did note in their message back they’ll be in touch on testing.


I’ll take that as a positive sign. The money’s already spent so I want these to see the light of day and be usable

Update day. A hard deadline of Feb 23 to choose a pedal type and a silly promo video. I hope this is a good indication product is going to be actually rolling out soon.

Hi all,

Because we’re getting closer to delivery, we’d like you to confirm your product preference and address. Most of you have already filled out the activation form, but we still need to hear from approximately 700 backers. We sent the activation form in December, but it possibly ended up in your spam filter or perhaps you didn’t notice it. No worries though. If you don’t have your activation form anymore, just send us an email at

If you did fill out your form already, you can still change your preference for MTB or road pedals until Sunday February 23rd. After this date, we will not allow for changes. Please reach out to our customer service through should you wish to change your order. Address changes will still be permitted after this date, by the way.

In this update, we’d like to share the aftermovie of the data collection week we’ve had thanks to you as backers! For everyone who came over and helped, thanks so much again. For those who replied or supported the weeklong event, equal gratitude is due. Find it here:

Have a great weekend,

Team iQsquare


Another update today, with a promise to finally reveal the status of the mtb pedals later this week.

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Now that’s promising news.

349 pounds for dual sided MTB pedals on their site.

If these pass DCRainmaker and/or GPLama, I will order them. (along with gadzillions of others).

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Yeah, will they be able to keep up with demand? Mind you that’s a better problem than crappy reviews and no sales.

I thought for a second, that this was the weight of them :joy:

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Don’t expect anything from my end anytime soon. Last I heard from them was May 4th 2019.

I am however elbow deep in testing a few cheap spider PMs. There’s a lot of potential with these to shake the market up.


That’d be the P1 pedals :wink:

“Tears off shirt and ready to throw down”

Jk :joy:. I had to come to defense of my super awesome P1’s. Although, you have given me a new excuse when I don’t get a kom. :thinking:


I really want something for the MTB. Pedals would be ideal as I could also use them on the road bike. Looking forward to what you have coming!

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I’m curious how well they will clear mud. Hard to tell from the pictures

The estimated delivery time for the mtb pedals is June/July.

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More to the point, they say that MTB pedals will be delivered June/July, 3 months after the road pedals … so road pedals should be shipping anywhere from the next week to the next month …fingers crossed that’s the case.