IQ2 power meter



We should know very soon :grinning:


Hopefully or it the will be a huge revolt from the impatient


It’s definitely not a great sign if they don’t want to hand over units to those guys.



I agree


I wouldn’t read too much into it. If they feel they have a handle on it they won’t send out anything but a ready for market unit. They seem to be engineering types not marketers and they already showed one then a preview and the feedback was I’ll wait for the production unit.


I haven’t heard from them since late August.


Both of those guys are pretty good about sticking to NDA’s until embargo/shipping date. So radio silence rather than continued speculation may actually be an indicator that they do have test units??



GPlama just said above that he hasn’t heard from them since August.


Yep, this is all kinds of awkward. :wink: I am Shane Miller (GPLama). I have no IQ2 power meter.


Having never had a power meter before this seemed a good price point for me. My question is what is the balance between price and accuracy.

I see a lot of trainers are around 5%. If they were that accurate would that be ok? If it was £400+ you would expect it to be more accurate.

Obviously accuracy is key, but is consistency just as import? For that price I don’t mind if it isn’t as accurate (within reason) as the currant brands as long as it is consistent.

Hopefully it will be no Limits and these engineers understand the challenges. Marketing can come later.

As a funny side note, I use gym bikes at present. The hotel I was in last week had the worst gym bike ever. My rpm was 140 (normally 100) and 400+ watts (ftp target 208). I had to do Donner with rpe. Hopefully IQ2 won’t be like this bikes power meter!


Consistency is key not accuracy. Accuracy is helpful when comparing power meters.

If you use a power meter that is erratic, throwing 10%, 15% or even 20% differences randomly you might as well hit your head against a wall.


But having good accuracy is good for motivation. It is for me at least. And motivation, for me, is priceless.


Only in complete isolation.

Accuracy matters when: You’ve got more than one power meter. When you change power meters. When you’re using the data to check ‘accuracy’ of a trainer. When you’re in a social environment (online riding/racing platforms).

Now days accuracy matters a lot more. And there’s no reason they should be inaccurate. We don’t accept HR monitors that skip beats, or cadence sensors that don’t record every pedal stroke. So there’s no reason to accept power meters that aren’t measuring power within acceptable ranges of accuracy.


Now there’s a first world problem if I’ve ever seen one :grin:


There’s a new update out and saying they’re still on track for February shipment…


Can’t wait to get mine!
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I’m looking forward to getting mine too. Since it is a want not a need, I am willing to wait it out and at the cost, if it isn’t a SRM quality I won’t be let down either. I do believe that they are capable of producing a wholly acceptable product.


Just read the blog…for all of those who wimp out due to a bit of suffering on the trainer that certainly puts things in perspective. I wished you well in my head.


@hmaceachran my very thoughts


Tried to get an answer with the online chat on their website regarding delivery times if I placed an order (yesterday). March 2019 and onwards is as precise as the reply got (after a load of text/info about Kickstarter backers being supplied in Feb). I asked again for confirmation that it would be March 2019 and at that point the chat stopped. So I guess, maybe March and more than likely ‘onward’ - whenever that might be.