IQ2 power meter



@PT1 and @dprimm, everything bike racing taught me about suffering got me through chemo. Now, all the suffering I did in chemo gets me through TR workouts (but also tells me when my body needs less, not more).



And having different sources of power data seems more the rule than the exception these days, judging from this forum.

To put it in numbers, a 10% discrepancy between two sources is the difference between the high end of Sweet Spot and the low end of VO2 max! Your body (and mind) experience intervals at those levels quite differently, even though two devices, both with +/- 5% accuracy, could tell you they’re the same.


So keen to see the numbers - maybe viable for the mtb as the Qfactor is already stupidly wide what’s a few more mm


A few more? From memory it’s 16mm per side for a total of 32mm [1.26"]. It may seem small, but considering the relative nature and repetition of use, I see it differently.

Might be fine for some/many, but adding to an already wide setup (MTB) may well be an issue for knees and hips.


Yeah it was kind of tongue in cheek - I could never use that on my road bike


Would be great for me as I use extended axles on my speed play pedals (size 14 UK feet). But as I saw on Facebook the other day this may be the Fyre Fest of power meters. Those guys may have a viable product but they clearly don’t understand modern supply chain management. And they will fail unless they get a grip on it.


I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into all the griping on FB/IGG. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations of backing a a KS/IGG project and they tend to be the people who post online. That being said, it could still go down in a flaming heap too but I think that these are not unforeseeable or completely unreasonable delays. As I posted on IGG, engineers (and other technical types) are great at the hands-on stuff but not so much at customer relations.


I prefer good engineers in this case than good marketing. Marketing is easier to fix than changing the engineers. I am looking forward to mine arriving soon.


Pre-Ordered mine today. I am making less use of TrainerRoad last two months because the PowerTap- PowerCal does not give me the proper and timely readings. Hoping to get better with this meter. Said to be shipped in March, around my birthbay :slight_smile:


I don’t doubt they have good engineers and they have good marketers too. But supply chain management is a real skill that is underestimated and the blight of many good Kickstarter ideas. I really hope these guys succeed as they will bring market prices down by a significant step change - if successful enough they may even get snapped up by one of the big boys. As tempting as the price is though, I’m going to wait until their issues are ironed out, even if it means paying an extra 50 quid vs. the early bird price.


My plan exactly, I really want it to work but despite the price being cheap it’s not a cost I could write off it it fails.
I did hear a perfect saying for this: ‘Only a rich man buys cheap tools’ inferring he can burn through cash getting a new stuff all the time. I’d rather pay £50 extra for something proven than not.


I think it is a smart move to wait.
I got excited joined the gang early, and now with all the delays and still not any real data I am regretting that decision. I have serious doubts about them working well, and even if I get my hands on them in the end of february and they work perfectly I still will have to deal with the big Q factor*. I have had a couple of good opportunities to get some renowned power meters at good price the time I have been waiting for these.
I want to buy me som Assioma pedals but with the money I have invested here I at least have to wait for them to arrive before i use money on something else.

*Re: Q. I think I can get 3-4 mm on each side by moving my cleats. That leaves 25-ish mm increase om the 150-ish q on my Road bike. I will then end up a little wider than my MTB, which probably will work. Probably.


It doesn’t look good. :worried: It is almost two weeks since the last update from IQ2 and we still have no idea of their real status: are they able to build those PMs and if so, what is the schedule. Also, I wonder if they are going to send the first version of their product to DCrainmaker or GPLama for testing at all. I suppose the first PMs are already out of manufacturing.


Just saw on Facebook that as of 3 days ago, even their sponsored triathlete doesn’t have one and is racing on Garmin pedals. Yikes.


Doesn’t fill me with confidence.




Can’t easily link from the Facebook app but go to the IQ2 page and look at community posts. Here’s a couple of screenshots.


It looks like that they have adopted a no one gets one until they are ready to go, not influencers, sponsored or any outside validation. They should just come out and say this instead of letting speculation run rampant though. Hopefully they will finally step up and give some meaningful updates soon.


New update today that on the surface checks a few boxes that have been questioned, including are they going to be sending it out to influencers for their opinions. They seem to have taken to playing their cards close to their chests and won’t share much of anything until it is released and no one outside they design team will get their hands on them until they are finished. People don’t like it, but it is a normal product development process.

Here’s the update:

Wow, it’s been two weeks since our last update already. Time flies. As explained previously, we’re announcing less because it’s all hands on deck for production. And… with good results! We’re still on schedule for February shipping and can’t wait to hear from you – and independent reviewers like DC Rainmaker, GP Lama and GCN – while riding with the iQsquare power meter.

There isn’t too much exciting news to share right now; we’re mostly handling details between all manufacturers and tying up some usual loose ends here and there. Concerning some repeat questions we received: the app is not live yet, but will be as soon as we ship the first batch to our backers. We’ll notify you on all our channels of course.

For now, we’d like to tell you that we verified the IP67 specs for dust and water :slight_smile: The first number represents dust, with no. 6 symbolizing ‘dust tightness’, meaning NO dust can and will enter the power meter at any point. The second number stands for waterproofness, with no. 7 indicating ‘immersion up to 1m depth’. Basically, this means that you can leave your power meter in a puddle of water unattended for 30 minutes and it won’t break. Though we don’t suggest you do that :wink: But it could definitely come in handy for those of us who like to rough it out on a bike. The battery compartment is also waterproof, even though that part isn’t low-pressure molded, but sealed off completely with a rubber seal.

We just posted a video of the power meter submersed in water on our FB page, as Indiegogo doesn’t allow projects to post videos. Feel free to like our page if you haven’t already. We’ve got a large and committed community there, just like we do here :slight_smile:

We’re getting closer and closer now and thank you so much for your patience. You’ve been with us since the earlier days and we know the project sometimes asks quite a bit of everyone, including ourselves. We’re very grateful to have your support.


Looking forward to those reviews too. They obviously understand that without @GPLama and DC Rainmaker reviews they won’t get thought of as a ‘real’ power meter. From these I assume they’re confident in their product. A bad review from these guys is worse than no review at all.