IQ2 power meter



There’s already enough skepticism despite IQ2’s latest assurance that they are on track. If they miss sending them out it’s going to get ugly quick.


I was on the first early bird deal, but does anybody know if the money have been charged, or do I get charged when the items ship?



Can’t you check your bank account to see if they already took payment?


I was told after asking the question to their web chat that payment would be taken straight away, but you can get a refund up until the product is shipped.


I was on the Kickstarter for those Brim Brothers pedals, so I know what you mean. Wow… that was one hot mess of a product development cycle. It never launched and the company folded.

Obviously nobody got their money back — but Brim was kind enough to ship (basically unusable) pedals to the initial backers. I took the pedals and then tossed them in the trash.


I’ve backed them on Indiegogo. They keep on saying they are going to deliver on Feb, but nothing yet.

Interresting reference to the Brim Brothers pedals: their statement read:

The difficulties we have had with production quantities, together with variable accuracy of the finished units when in use, mean that we are unable to deliver and we don’t have the resources to continue.

Over the last couple of weeks it has become clear that putting an innovative product into manufacture has more challenges than we planned for, particularly achieving the consistent accuracy that a power meter requires. Our first production batch demonstrated that more time and investment is needed to test and re-test new production processes. This is beyond our resources, and our efforts…

I’m afraid I have to expect something similar from IQ2 anytime in march!


Well, 8 days to go and understandably, people’s patience is getting pretty thin with the lack of communication. Even if they are having issues, they aren’t helping themselves by running silent, it only opens the door to negative conjecture. I get the impression that they are typical engineers and are trying to be near perfect but that they are having some issues so instead of looking like they don’t know what they are doing, they say nothing. It could still be a dumpster fire. Tick-tock IQ2


Well I’ve been one of the early backers but am getting a worse feeling as the time passes by. They keep delaying their delivery times and are not really transparant about their progress besides some short and basic updates. I completely understand it is tough for them to be managing a project like this and probably have not been prepared properly for it.

To be honest, I’m not really expected to receive any power meters from them any more. Or at least not in the coming months. So a waste of my money and hopefully they did something fun with it. Luckily it was the “most affordable” power meter which didn’t set me back that much.

If they’ll manage to send them out, fine I’ll get them and be happy with it. Hopefully. If not, I don’t really care that much anymore at this time.


Me too. I think that’s the only reasonable way to look at it


To be honest, I’m not really expected to receive any power meters from them any more. Or at least not in the coming months. So a waste of my money and hopefully they did something fun with it. Luckily it was the “most affordable” power meter which didn’t set me back that much.

If this turns out to be the case it wont be the first, and not the last time I throw money in the toilet for bike related stuff.
Still crossing fingers though


They’ll probably release a “weekly” update tomorrow. Let’s see.


When I’ve supported various projects on Indiegogo, I see it as putting money into the development of a product and getting the perk is an added bonus. If you want a product for money then you have to wait and go retail.

Any investment in a start up is a gamble, they will always hit delays be it in manufacturing, testing or delivery. I always add 6 months to a year to their forecasted dates to avoid disappointment.

Do find the majority of start ups do their best for their investors, they want to be a success, but you have to accept from the start that you haven’t purchased a product and they are under no obligation to provide anything to you. Would say communication is always an issue with start ups, that can be a full time job and this small start ups just don’t have the staffing.

Fingers crossed for all that have invested that you get your perk and it works within a good tolerance. Then it’ll be thanks to your investment we get another alternative power meter to the market.


Agree. Still, I don’t think that these investment should be treated as “gift” or philantropic contributions. There is a risk that is taken by the backers and it is up to them to take the risk or not. My view is that performance of these start-up should be evaluated on a “best-effort basis” and not on whether they actually deliver or not on actually solving the overall technical challenge. And there is no way to evaluate that if there is no communication. It is agreed that communication is a full time job and a tricky one as any information will just endlessly raise more and more question. But perhaps money should be delivered to start-upers based on having them confirming they have reached pre-determined milestones.



what would be a plan B for budget PM - used stages ?

Of course fingers crossed for IQ2!


One option is getting a Favero assioma UNO. 415$-10% with DCRainmaker’s code on clevertraining.


These appear to be back in stock

£379 down to £199.99 saving £179.01


This also is a nice deal for Europeans: Stages 105 for 354.87€

The prices have come so low (OK, these are discounted items) that these Kickstarter products are losing their attractiveness.


Just doing the weekly troll of this thread…
Have they shipped yet?




They probably should have considered February only has 28 days… oh well miracles may happen