IQ2 power meter



There are very good discounts on some single-sided power meters, but it is harder to find any cheap double-sided power meters. Especially if your bikes are not shimano/sram equipped. The products like IQ2 could bring the prices down.


I have been following this project. I just can’t see how it is gonna work. I hate to be a troll but I just see it failing now. What happens to the people who have pledged if it does?
I found it weird that IQ2 never mentioned their sponsored athletes when they raced Dubai 70.3.
I do get that they are super busy with getting the PMs out but I’m sure they have a social media person who should be updating people?
I am intrigued to see how it plays out!


Their sponsored athlete didn’t have an IQ2 unit to race - it’s in their Facebook community posts. A lot of the negativity is the lack of communication even though they announced at least two people for customer support. It’s not a strategy that I would employ, people will put up with delays etc if you are up front with them but these guys are playing their cards close to their chests which is leading to all kinds of speculation, mostly along the lines of your thinking.


I know I’m the person who commented about it on Facebook, I have seen why and they said it’s because the point of this is that it’s mass produced so true want third parties to have a mass produced one. However I’m sure I’ve seen a post saying their employees have one so who knows


The athlete in question said the only ones who have units are employees using them for internal testing which is another sore point with backers because they want to see 3rd party reviews. Working in tech, not releasing a product until it is deemed ready for prime time is a valid release strategy but certainly frustrating to the end user. Hopefully they are all working this weekend stuffing boxes and printing shipping labels.


New update

Hi all,

Good news! The first mass-produced titanium-based power meters have just rolled off the production line. These are - as we speak - paving the way for the bigger batches to follow next week and the weeks after that. These power meters are now being low-pressure molded, assembled and packaged :slight_smile:

Just to ensure we have the best possible product, we decided to do some extra testing on the first production run before shipping. When everything is as expected, we will start shipping to the first backers and some influencers.

Even with having a thoroughly prepared and well though-out product, we underestimated the amount of time it takes to get all production partners working together in a timely and smooth manner. It’s been a learning curve for us and we thank you for being equally patient and excited! Some of your critical minds have really helped shape our product and we couldn’t have done it without you. Keep you posted!

Team iQsquare


This should be a preamble to all crowd-funded projects as I don’t think many (if any?) ever hit their original time frames.


“We will underestimate the time and cost necessary to do anything and everything.”

It is a little concerning that they apparently had to learn the hard way that titanium is a beast to work with.


I thought this was a given and understood with these things but given the number of people who seem to think that they were getting an (almost) off the shelf item, I guess not. Glad to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and looking forward to seeing them in my hands.


When a group makes a promise (timeline) and a buyer wants to believe it (instant gratification society), it is likely that everyone will start with a rosy (if not unrealistic) projection of what they hope will happen.

I have learned the hard way, that I need to take my best guess for time and difficulty… and DOUBLE IT… just to have any chance at a realistic estimate :stuck_out_tongue:


So I should make Cat 1 by the time I’m 105? :rofl:


Admittedly, I have a different perspective than the average Joe having spent almost 30 in high-tech product development. Schedules are just guidelines and target dates are suggestions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a new product come to market when project managers predicted.


Update on Kickstarter which is interesting. Looking good for them now


Been aware of these for a while. Having a BB30 frame the cheap stages 105 left-side cranks won’t work without fiddling with the bottom bracket and buying a whole new chainset, so they work out a big chunk of cash still. The BB30 versions don’t ever seem to crop up at good prices and the FSA Powerbox which is a straight swap still needs another £50 to unlock Bluetooth after you’ve purchased it.

The Q factor thing was putting me off but after getting out on my MTB at the weekend I wondered what the real world difference was. Apparently the FSA chainset on my road bike is 146mm, and the SLX chainset on the MTB is 175mm. A difference of 14.5mm per side. Can’t say I noticed any difference and certainly long rides on my MTB have never caused me any physiological issues. With a bit of cleat position fiddling the difference would be minimal.

Having said that I have a 34" inseam so shorter riders may notice it more?

I work as an Industrial Designer and have to deal with toolmakers and suppliers in the far east so I understand how easy it is for project deadlines to slip- we’ve had new moulds break after very few cycles, issues with packaging artwork getting corrupted, tropical storms delaying ships, labour shortages after Chinese New Year holidays… some of these things you can build in allowances for but delays happen. I’m sure the IQ2 guys are as upset as anyone else by the delays.


By the time they get through the first shipping to the crowdfunding backers and have them available for general ordering, there should be a few reviews out there to see if they are working out or not.


Well tomorrow’s the last day of February so they should have shipped today. Has anyone heard any updates? It’s all gone quiet again from iq2.


I would not be surprised if they only had a handful of working PMs and they shipped them just before the midnight today. :wink:


In my opinion, “any” working pm is a bonus. If that was the case at least we know they can manufacture a working unit.


Bearing in mind it’s coming up to 4pm in the Netherlands on the final day for them to meet their shipping promise, I just think it’s bad faith on their part to leave it right down to the wire. Not the type of business I would entrust my cash to. It’s poor customer service.

No doubt some wonderful update will appear tomorrow and they will pretend that all the previous claims and promises were just estimates. I don’t want to appear like I’m trolling them on this thread but there are a lot of warning signs about the people involved even if they do go on to manufacture in quantity. Kickstarter funding isn’t an excuse for being evasive with people who have handed over hard earned cash.


You can hear the grindstones sharpening the pitchforks, smell the torches being lit as the mob assembles…but seriously I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt as I know the difficulties in new product development but to be so oblivious to customer communication is no way to run a business and will most certainly taint them going forward.

Sometimes building a better mousetrap isn’t enough…