Is anyone documenting their journey?


Depends where i am to be honest.

If i’m at work, a blog is best as it looks like i’m still working :wink:

At home, video :slight_smile:


I love and hate this quote in equal measure. Because it’s true. :grin::tired_face:


Week 1 video is up.

Since I started mid week there isn’t a ton of content but its a start. Week 2 should be a lot better. I have a better camera position, clips of me suffering and analyzing my performance during each workout and some suffer faces!

The video might be a bit shaky this time as the stabilization gods were not on my side today. :confused:


The bear is obviously called Chad.


Good video. Thanks for sharing.


I kind of document my training (and food):

Hope you’re over your malady.


Thanks for sharing @fastk9dad & @Scheherazade :+1:

I’ve had a bit of a setback. Back on it this week though!


I’m documenting my triathlon life on my personal site: Unfortunately (for most of you) it is mainly in Dutch.

But I also document all my training sessions and everything I do around triathlon on my Instagram:


That’s funny. I am doing exactly the same thing. Here


Very good blog/site! Interesting to read about your (indoor) history of different training applications (I use TP, Zwift and Trainerroad myself).


I like the blog and will follow it - there does not seem to be a page to subscribe to it though?
The Fred Whitton is a hell of a challenge, it will be interesting to see how well trainer work prepares you for some quite severe hill-climbing.

I started a time trialling blog and this has prompted to think about putting an update in which I will do in the next couple of days.


Chrome auto-translation works great! :slight_smile:

How do most people read blogs? Do you subscribe to get email notifications, wait for them in a social feed or do you use some sort of aggregator? Personally I use Feedly (and just added a bunch! :wink: ). I already get too much email and am trying to cut down and things get lost in social feeds.


Feedly +1 :wink:


Thanks! You mean like a mailing list? I hadn’t really thought of that. I do have an RSS feed though if that’s any help?

Yeah, indoor training isn’t suited to stepp climbs! By basic plan is to supplement the low volume plans with one or two long rides (2-5 hours) each week including as many climbs as is practical! I’m also going to do one structured workout per week (probably the VO2max ones) at a low cadence (60-70 rpm).

Looking forward to reading your blog update :grinning:

@fastk9dad I also use Feedly. Not sure you can add any old RSS feed thought, I’ve not tried.


Yep, If you go to “Add Content” you can drop in a regular URL or an RSS feed URL and it will take it. :+1:


OK great! Doesn’t seem to load the images for my site, though that’s not a big deal I guess.


I use Feedly as well - switched over when the Google blog aggregator was taken away.


Following along.


Ha, thank you. I think you maybe the first person to read it… :slight_smile:


One of my hobbies is to create websites. I have a few about Japan and/or the Japanese style of fly fishing called tenkara.

I very recently started a blog about my new found addiction to gravel grinding titled Macadam Grinding. It’s a good way to stay busy and focused as a stay at home dad of a 1 year old between training sessions and the occasional outdoor ride.