Is anyone documenting their journey?


ハウズ グレツグ‼️

すごい :sunglasses:


@GravelNut - ありがとう!
It’s very early days, but a nice way to document training, etc, brush up the Japanese skills with a blog or two hopefully, and have fun making a website!.
I like your gravel bike by the way - if only we had any gravel roads over here - Japanese roads are just far too nice! :wink:


Feedly for me too - RSS never went away and works great. (I need to start my blog again)


Week 2 video is up! :dizzy_face:

edit: had to reupload video, changed url to new link.


Good job @fastk9dad :+1:

I nailed the first day of my plan, then got sick :face_with_thermometer: Back on it this week with SSB1 :muscle:


Bummer about getting sick! Looking forward to your blog updates!


I probably should. I came into this hobby at age 33, did not cardio since age 12, smoked a pack per day for 13-years, five years in and struggling to race as an average cat-4.


Back to training blog post. Turns out I’m less fit that I thought!


love that you are using Hugo (and the fact you’re doing this even more)

i want to do a similar take, and would be interested to know the “workflow” and “toolchain” you use

keep it going, I think you’re onto something


Hugo is awesome!

I’m writing my posts in Atom and using Vim for any coding (I use Vim for pretty much all coding nowadays). I’m using a theme I’ve adjusted. I’ve not changed anything major, primarly adding various meta-tags so Facebook, Twitter, etc. display something sensible.

Code is hosted on GitHub and the site on Netlify, which is awesome combination - publishing is just a simple push to master. I’m also using Netlify for DNS management (I bought the domain from Namecheap) and SSL certificate. I’m hosting my images in Amazon S3 and serving via Amazon CloudFront.

All for free! :muscle:

There are a few things I’m planning on adding when I get time:

  • Post tags.
  • A “my gear” type page.
  • Search. I don’t really fancy using the in-browser search solution (e.g. Lunr) as I want the site to stay fast, but I might set up an Elasticsearch backend, for example using Algolia’s free tier, for the frontend to query.

Any onther suggestions welcome!


I see from your LinkedIn profile that you are (a) comfortable with python and (b) a data scientist (yay!), so here’s a wild thought for you:

Check out Golden Cheetah which has an API, pretty good interface with python (for graphing and more ), allows adding custom fields (I think via something called XDATA fields), and is open source software.

You could possibly create a CMS of sorts for publishing every activity (or the ones tagged accordingly) directly to your blog. I would love to have the skill set to do that :slight_smile:

Love the stack you use for your blog by the way


Yes but mostly on Instagram. I enjoy following others journeys so Dm me if your doing the same :ok_hand:t3:


Hi @occasionalathlete I started a blog at the end of the summer to try and keep my motivation up, unfortunately the blog fell by the wayside as I prioritised time on the bike but I’m hoping to pick it back up soon. Link below if you’re interested, I’ll look over yours later tonight :blush:


I actually thought of publishing an activity feed. Strava has a widget for this but it seems to be broken! I know of Golden Cheetah but didn’t realise it was quite so felexible. Very cool! I’ll check it out and see what can be put together. I wouldn’t necessarily require an intermediate application like Golden Cheetah though. If I set up a webhook in Strava to my own endpoint (Serverless makes this so easy) it shouldn’t be too hard to create my own feed.

Thanks for the links @Jbeecheyuk & @WTriathlete, will check them out later. @Jbeecheyuk that’s an excellent Insta-handle!!


Need to add a way for us to like your posts. :+1:


Not a bad idea! Not sure how that would work though as there’s no database. Will investigate.


I have set up a feedly feed and followed all the blogs mentioned on this thread bar the vlogs as they are difficult to watch at work.

I did struggle to add the @GregH feed though - not sure why. It did come up as insecure although I can view the blog


That’s because @GregH’s link above is an insecure http link, which doesn’t automatically redirect to the secure https link. Try


Apologies @John_Hallas, and thanks @occasionalathlete!


Still not working for me in Feedly. Not the end of the world. Sorry @GregH