Is anyone documenting their journey?


I have enjoyed all the blogs mentioned on here - bar the Dutch one which I didn’t look at despite working in Amsterdam for 9 months and picking up a reasonable understanding of the language.


I’ve been considering it since I’m on my way back to racing too. I stopped racing when my kids were born 7 years ago. I’ve been trying to get back over the last 2 or 3 years but couldn’t seem to get fit enough to finish races. I even downgraded from cat. 1 to cat 4. Turns out, I had cancer. I was diagnosed Jan. 31 of this year and went through chemo all spring and part of the summer. Now I’m using TR to try and get back for next year. I’ve been thinking of documenting the journey via blog and/or youtube channel but haven’t started yet. I’m gonna read your blog!

(I’ve dabbled in blogging about my experiences racing around the world. If you wanna check it out, find it here:

Good luck!


Dude…totally blog that sh!t!

No one wants to read/watch about someone doing Pettit for the 19th time…but when it’s part of a much more important and impactful story… If you need more inspiration, find the topic “How TrainerRoad Saved My Son’s Life” and give it a read.

I’d start a docu blog just to give you a shout out! :+1::grinning:


Goodness, that would make a far more inspirational read than me stopping being a lazy arse! You should definitely write about it :smile:


Ok! LOL! I’ll get started on that right away!

Seriously guys, thanks for the support!


I’ll be following as well, ifttt can do a weekly email digest via the rss but I’d also prefer a direct email subscribe for your posts, looking forward to following your progress!


Make sure you give us the link when you start, I hope all is well now


Don’t worry, I’m not intending to do this every time I post but, given there were so many people who said they were struggling to subscribe to blogs, here is my new post if you’re interested…


Land’s End to John O’Groats sounds like a lot of fun! Btw that stream in your header looks phenomenal. Makes me want to break out my tenkara rod and see if there are any fish in her depths.


Yes! I decided to do this as well. I’m tracking my journey over the course of a year as I train up to ironman Mont Tremblant in August. It’s been pretty fun writing about different topics each week and poking fun at myself. It’s quite therapeautic! Follow along here,

I’ll be adding yours to my favorites tab!


The stream was awesome, I took that picture last summer when I had a couple of days cycling in the Pyrénées. Its on the way up the Col de Bordères.


LEJOG! How exciting. Did you follow the Jones family when they did that this summer with their kids? I can just about imagine hauling myself that distance, but with two young ones… :open_mouth:


I didn’t, do you have a link I can look at? I’ve thought it would be a cool challenge to do one day but didn’t expect it to come this early… but with no pool to train in and a reduction in what running I can do it seems like a good time!


They have a blog here: but I mainly follow them on twitter.


Just posted my ugly weeks 4 & 5. :tired_face:


I just added my Stingy Yorkshireman’s guide to getting fast on a triathlon bike, ‘Stingy but Fast’, to my blog. Feel free to take a look!

If it informs or helps just a few people then I’d be happy!!


Just updated my blog here. Even tried a bit of a Youtube Video in it. It’s really bad but hopefully they will improve if I do more.


New blog!! Turns out public shaming works - this is the most consistent month or so I’ve had in years!


Its been a rough couple of weeks. Was supposed to start SSBLVII this week and failed the ramp test miserably with side cramps (caught on cam, not sure if it will make it into a video). It was a bit demoralizing, I’ve never failed like that before and I didn’t even get to the break even point. It didn’t help that I didn’t do a full recovery week before either, too much planning for a party & then a party. #lameexcuses

With that said, I haven’t done anything this week either, and next week is Christmas and a road trip with the wife. I think I’m just going to get back on and do some maintenance workouts until Jan and then hit SSBLVII again.

In the mean time, enjoy my week 6 & 7 suffering.


After a little break for the holidays with just some recovery rides in between I started SSBII last night.

With that said, I’m curious what people would like to see in the videos? I’m not thrilled with the current format (it was just something I could put together quick) is probably a little boring to watch and even more boring to produce. Due to location I don’t have a ton of viable camera angles so they all just end up being talking head videos. I have some ideas for improvement but would love to hear if there is anything specific that viewers would like to see.