Is anyone documenting their journey?


I am! I have a blog:
Not too in depth about training, but that could change if that’s something people are into. Mainly just been posting about riding and photography.
Give it a look and let me know what you think!


Added a new blog entry

Software used in 2018. And there is a lot and I dont think I mentioned WKO4


I’ve just started blogging. I’m going to try to do a post each week (or more frequently) - I reckon I can probably get up to the start of the TT season by discussing fit, training, and equipment stuff. I need to do some more work on the thee as it’s a bit sparse right now…
Video can wait (maybe until I start racing!).


Following. If you hope to get to 4 w/kg then you should break the hour for 25


TT is so much about aero. It’s possible to beat 50 minutes with a super slippery position and a helpful course, but I’m not going to be that slippery and you can’t ride those sorts of courses on fixed. The fast courses tend to be dual carriageway with quite a lot of traffic, and I’m not too keen on riding those.
We’ll see how it goes - this year is about discovering what I can do on the fixie. :wink:
Following back - your site is really cool, and there’s a lot to read! :+1:


I can remember in the early 00’s doing some TT’s at stage races where a few of the pros were on TT bike with a fixed gear. And they performed well!
(my blog:


I updated my blog! The cancer meds had me feeling crappy last week and I didn’t take my Ramp Test. But, I got a new bike!



Facinating read @hmaceachran :+1:

I’ve just published my latest post (after a bit of a hiatus!). I have a place at Fred Whitton, which means I have to actually go through with it!


I’ve had a blog for quite some time. Now, I don’t post regularly, but I try to make note of major milestones or failures. It’s set up as more of a diary of my racing and biking adventures. I wanted something I could look back on to reminisce when I’m too old or broken to continue racing.
I’ve enjoyed looking at some of the vlogs and blogs you all have posted.


@occasionalathlete, way to smash the numbers! Can’t believe you keep having to raise the intensity. Not a problem I’ve had, lol! I’m in my build phase now and actually like it more than the base phase.

Keep going from strength to strength!


@heypoolboy78, I struggle with letting go of failed work outs too. I worry about hitting the TSS even if my body is asking for less, not more. Way to try it again though!


Just subscribed this morning while doing my TR session! Keep up the great videos Christie!


I’ve done a number of blogs in the past but I have today started my Trainer Road one for my first plan, blog is a bit basic right now but my first post is about where I am at and the ramp test.




Well done @Supermurph19!




Your videos are very inspiring. I subscribed months ago after stumbling upon your Leadville race videos. Love the Trainer Road integration and following your cycling journey. Congrats on hitting 1K subs. Good luck with the channel!


Ha ha, not a problem I’ve had in the past certainly! This is the most consistent training period I’ve had in years - I’ve not missed a quality working through SSB1 or SSB2 yet! - so it’s not surprising I’m going well.

I also think I bailed too early in my last ramp test. I’m going to try doing it “blind” next time by covering up everything other that cadence and make a motivational playlist specific to the ramp test!


Thanks so much!


Thanks so much! I’ve really enjoyed doing the videos, glad others do too!