Is anyone documenting their journey?


@cbrink +1 subscriber here as well :+1:. Looking forward to your 2019 races and post race analysis. Oh, and you can’t complain about 16 degrees weather, it was -16 in Detroit a couple days ago!


Geiger+2, tougher than expected:


It was new kit day today for me. And I did my last hard block of training this past week. Now, a week of rest. Then I ramp up to my first race of the year.


That’s great news. I watched last year’s Cycling Weekly video on the Fred, definitely on my bucket list!


was gonna mention your channel but you’re on top of it ;p




I’m tempted to do a weekly vlog of very little quality. I don’t have a YT setup and wouldn’t have any training footage so I’d just talk about the challenges being faced.
Starting SSB-LV1 on Tuesday, two months of riding under my belt, guesstimating my FTP around the 180 mark. I’m 5’9 155lb. Weight has stagnated for past few months, I went from 179 to 150 in 56 days and would like to cut down to 140 (or maybe less, whatever gets me to 10-12% bf) before starting to increase caloric intake


I had a accident (funnily enough up Hardknott pass) in Oct-17 that required clavicle surgery. I spent most of the winter doing TR plans and almost exclusively using the trainer until end of Feb (just a couple of rides outside) i completed the 300km dragon ride in June-18. whilst between march and June i did do 4 century’s, the trainer riding was incredibly effective in getting me ready. Lionel sanders trains exclusively indoors. I’m also doing the Fred. I think winter on the trainer stops you doing to much too soon and burning out.




Week 2 done, feeling good.


Decided to create a triathlon training Instagram (@ry_athlon). Give me a follow if you’d like. It’ll be fun to document my training and hold myself accountable. And i’m sure my small number of friends on my normal insta are tired of seeing the swim bike run nonsense.


I tried adding a disc cover yesterday. It almost worked! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks great! Did you see my photos and notes on the thread about the exact same subject?

Here it is: Budget TT Disc Wheel


I saw the thread down to the cardboard fibre one, but I hadn’t seen yours. It looks really neat - I assume the little clip thing that sticks out is something the aerojackets come with so you can take them apart. If I need to re-true the wheel at any point I’m going to have to take at least one side off completely, but hopefully I won’t need to do that for a while!


Yes, there are a few pairs of male and female plastic machine screws that hold the two sides together, although the tape does more of a job of holding them to the rim than the screws.




I write a blog called It’s essentially one mans struggle to get out of Irelands Cat4.

It was award best sports blog at the Irish blog awards 2018. Which was nice considering I ended last season prematurely after a huge crash in a sprint and ended up with a grd.5 AC Separation and broken rib.


I just enjoyed “Johnny Big Balls”
Good Work


Thanks, season starts again here in 3 weeks. Hopefully I can write about my glorious upgrade this year!


Great work on the photography and design. I live in the Catskills but will definitely be hitting up some NYC races. No team this year so feel free to hit me up for some collaboration in mixed-cat crits;) I’ll be rolling around in all black Rapha kit for racing. A bunch of RCC guys took a ride up to our farm for some camping in the fall and I took some Pro Team Aero kit as partial payment…