Is anyone documenting their journey?


Into week 3 we go, VO2 max Tuesday!


I document in terms of logging it on Strava, but I would feel like a bit of a narcissist if I were blogging/vlogging. Even on fb, I rarely post anything about myself doing cycling/fitness related activities, but when I do, I created a separate “cycling” friend list. That’s not to say I think that those people who do vlog/blog are narcissistic because I really do enjoy reading about the journey.


My team (First Internet Bank) has a new website where we’ll be keeping a pretty active blog tracking our progress training for and racing in some of the biggest races in the US. We just posted actually just published our latest post about how to “win” a training camp/ride with friends. Not by being the fastest, but by slowing down everyone else:

There’s also one I wrote about how I’m using TR to train for Redlands while working full time and living in Chicago:

There’s already several posts in there, so be sure to navigate around! Let me know any feedback, as we’re trying really hard to make it better!


Thanks fir checking it out! I’ll keep an eye out for you in the races; no team and I’ll be in Rapha kit as well!



Thank you :blush:


Haha thanks! Yeahhh some people have it way worse than me, and a few days later it hit 60 so I’m being quiet about the weather now lol


Thanks so much!! I rewatched the Leadville videos this winter and it was pretty motivating for me as well. I learned a lot during that time. Hope to have another awesome trip like that soon!


New blog. TL;DR consistency -> gains!


Ditto, but isn’t that the whole point of the modern internet?

But seriously…beyond the ‘misery loves company’ factor, I struggle to find the value provided for other people if I were to b/vlog my cycling life. Just another middle-aged white dude cranking it out day after day…you tell me what you take away from that. :man_shrugging:

I kinda have a 2-yr blog plan in mind…but it would a crazy amt of work, mostly off the bike. Not sure I’m actually that passionate about the idea to dedicate that much time & energy to a narcissistic hobby tangent. :rofl:


Perhaps it’s a bit narcissistic, but for me it’s about accountability. I’ve announced my plans to the world. Even though only half a dozen of my friends and my mum actually read it (my partner certainly hasn’t!) it got me over the hump and has so far stopped me from bailing for the umpteenth time!


That’s actually a proven. Those who make their goals public are more likely to complete them. I think there’s some kinda app for that…


I finished LVBII recently. Had my most recent ramp test last week. Finally, some real progress!



Been a while since I posted a video on my training, here is an update and things to look forward to in 2019.


My latest blog has some (really short) videos of how my TT position moved during my latest fit:


Some great aero-gains there @DuncanM23 :+1:

Had my first event of the year last weekend, The Rawlinson Bracket. Race report here.


Thanks. I’ll need to spend some time practising riding in that position - if I arch my back when trying to look up the road then I struggle to put out power without my back and hamstrings tightening up. It’ll be worth it though.
Your first race looks like it went quite well. I was considering doing the Cotswold Cyclo, but I’m supposed to be riding track the day prior and I’ve not got any long rides in this year, so it’s probably a bad idea. Sounds like the big route is gonna be quite hard, but if you can do 280W normalised for an hour and then 250 for a couple more you should be fine. :slight_smile: It will be interesting to see your write-up.


Yeah, and don’t neglect flexibility. Time trialling is so much more comfortable if you’re flexible!

Neither have I. I did one three hour ride outdoors the week before the Rawlinson Bracket and the rest have been max two-hour trainer rides. If you’ve trained the right energy systems and eat plenty you’ll be fine.

Hope so!!


I do my first race back this Saturday. I blogged my thoughts.

Kinda nervous!

my blog:


Dude you got this!