Is anyone documenting their journey?


I blogged about my first race back. Check it out if you like!

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Great job @hmaceachran :+1: :muscle: I love your blog. It really puts things in perspective.

My latest post is report of the recent event by Hammer Sports in the UK - 143 hard kms around the Cotswolds!


Started mine in 2009 ish - doesn’t get much traffic but as you get older and memories blur I’ve found it really useful to look back. It started off documenting a charity ride, then audaxes and then training and a racing and anything else that I think of - here


Nice @occasionalathlete!


@adehughes, I spent the early 90’s living and racing in Belgium. While we were generally discouraged, in our monastic lifestyle, from eating “buns”, frites, or drinking the local beer, I may have had one or two. LOL! Loved your take on them!

I’ve often told my wife I’d love to go back to Belgium WITHOUT my bike to drink and eat my way across the country while WATCHING races!


I’ve thought off and on about creating a blog, in part to document stuff, in part to be a tech reviewer (in hindsight, I probably should have tried back when I got curious in 2014, I might have found a good niche), but always tell myself I don’t have enough interesting stuff to warrant the work. Maybe I’ll give it a try again if I can get folks here to follow me!

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P.s. I updated my blog re: my 2nd race of the year. There are pictures too!

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Well done on the improvement and good luck with your biopsies. :crossed_fingers: Way more important than any race.


@DuncanM23, thanks for that. The biopsy went well. I’m sore and tired but doing well. Gotta wait almost a week to get back on my bike. Gah!!

P.s. I updated my blog recently.

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Nice training block. :slight_smile: A week off will hopefully allow you to recover from the work and the biopsy and kick off the next one fresh. Good luck with the biopsy results…
I updated my blog - latest installment here:


Glad your back got sorted! Is that a steel TT rig? Nice! I’ve always loved TT’s, won a few national championship medals in the TT and TTT in fact. Can’t wait to see how your season shapes up!
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Yeah, it’s an old 531 steel bike I used as a hack fixie for a while and then resprayed and turned into a fixed TT machine. The story is here:

Would love to see pictures of the rig you won your TT titles on. :slight_smile:


@DuncanM23, those bikes are long gone. LOL! Not sure pics exist anymore.



I’ve done a couple of updates since I last posted here.

As you can see, the planning is a bit up in the air, but at least I’ve kicked the season off! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I finally notched up a result at a race last week. I was 4th in a local 40+ cat. 4 race. I wrote down my thoughts on the race on my blog.

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your blogs, thanks for the inspiration!
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:raising_hand_man: I run a YouTube channel where I post my race break downs (and sometimes vlog style videos, although I’m not sure how popular those are).

Check it out here:


Team TT yesterday. Ouch!


Individual TT again yesterday. PB. :slight_smile: Hopefully more to come over the summer.

PS - the event was won by a local pro who broke the course record. That’s one of the things I like about TTing - you can rock up to an event and you might be racing the top TTers in the country. Not many other sports where you can do that.