Is anyone using the TR OSX app with Mojave?


just wondering if it all works ok as was going to upgrade today?

thanks in advance!



I’ve found it’s been crashing as I start pedalling when the workout is loaded so I’ve been using my phone for the week. Not 100% certain if the Mojave update is the cause, but seems to have coincided with the update.


I have been using Mojave on my MacBook without any issues. I upgraded to Mojave in the first week it was released and have been doing 4 workouts per week. My setup includes a Kicker18 and Garmin speed and HR sensors connected with the Garmin Ant+ adapter.


All good for me :metal:t2:


I haven’t had any problems either.


Are you still in the Beta program? I found the same on the 10.14.2 beta update and reverted back to the public 10.14.1 and everything was ok.


I don’t think I’m in the beta, but will double check when I’m home what version I’m running