Is Road Racing dead? How can we ressurect/build cycling as a niche sport?


Here’s the same link without all that tracking link spyware BS.


Let me put in my plug here for track cycling. There’s an inclusive community. The gear is cheaper and easier to maintain. In NYC we’ve got a great youth development program ( The racing is safer. Races are short enough that getting dropped only means a few extra laps of soloing.


Well this stinks:


I wish there were more track facilities in the States. Something I’d love to get into.


I love my road bike, but I’m more than satisfied chasing Strava KOMs. It’s fun to watch the weather and trail conditions like a hawk and then plan out rides to smash segments based on the current conditions. Definitely a fair bit of strategy in it.

If I’m going to race, I prefer to do cyclocross over criteriums/road races.

That being said, I love watching the Intelligentsia Cup & Tour of Americas Dairyland races each year.