Is strength training mandatory?

if you stick to maintenance lifts, 1x per week, you’ll keep a lot of the strength gains.
if you’re 30+ i’d keep lifting!



Joking aside, this is totally true. While I’m enjoying strength and it has benefits, it’s not mandatory.

On a rough scale of priorities, it would come below cycling, sleep and nutrition for me.

Also, if you’re not enjoying it, find a different routine or protocol, or way of doing it that is more fun.


Raced 2019 with “0” strength training. I got pretty fast, won my XC race series (Sport/Cat 2) and moved up to Expert/Cat 1. Lack of strength training didn’t appear to hold me back on the bike, but probably did for my MTB 100. HOWEVER, I was a complete weakling off the bike and in life, like ridiculously and embarrassing so.

Post 2019 race season and winter training I added in strength training 2x in the beginning and now just once a week. Wow, even just that little bit made a world of difference. Just 30-40 minutes of strength on Mondays has shown great strength gains and my ability to function in life. Not to mention self confidence.


Thx. I am 19 but I was never in my life able to squat 110 lbs until now due to strength training. I am in week 2 of ssb lv 1 and curious to see where this takes me. I gained 5kgs due to strength training btw

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Some type of weight bearing exercise is mandatory for 50+ cyclists who want to maintain bone health. Also, many studies confirm that lifting heavy weights mitigates the loss of testosterone among aging men, as well as the loss of muscle mass associated with aging. I have lifted for many years, but got new motivation from the Maximum Overload program endorsed by Bicycling Mag a couple years ago. I recommend it.


You have to realize that strength training is different than body building. You don’t have to eat a lot of additional calories to gain strength. I have also used the Maximum Overload program. It only requires about a half hour of strength work. Also, you don’t have to do a lot of sets and reps. I recommend this program as well.