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His :soccer::basketball: will always be WAY bigger than your FTP!

(Crazy Canuck homeboy! :facepunch::canada:)


Friday threads are my favorite! :+1:t2:


About 40 mins, but a great look into one of the most versatile riders in the world and always fun to watch.


Not cycling related but could fall under “Nutrition”… :thinking::thought_balloon::ramen::fish_cake::star_struck:


A classic paincave:

The Matt Hayman’s view during his winter 2016 broken arm Tour de Trainer.
(the screen might be showing a non-TR cycling app but that’s not the point.)

You don’t need a plush crib to crush it.
You need to HTFU Aussie/Belgian style: pipes, cement, exposed wiring…the choice of Paris-Roubaix champs! :trophy:


Hope this is available to those of you outside the UK! Quite entertaining: I think Sara is way better at these media interviews than Geraint himself! :grin:


“During this [training] time, I never did an interval under 400 Watts. I actually did an hour of training at 400W.”

Lionel Sanders Interview

Weight and VO2 Max, Why Interval Order Matters, Training Camps and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 189

“I held almost 500 watts for 10 minutes…”

“I did 330 watts for 4 hours…”



pics or it didn’t happen


Request pics here: :wink:


“360W for 2 hours”. That’s basically my 6 minute power. I can’t wrap my head around that…


I did 300w for 30min once… :man_shrugging:


I’m a big Chris Akrigg fan, I like his stuff better than Danny MacAskill

Was about to post a video of his the other day when people talk about how MTB needs low cadences. He’s doing some serious technical riding, but uses relatively easy gearing for quick accelerations. I think most BB’s are relatively higher off the ground now, so pedal striking isn’t quite the risk it used to be.


This was the first Akrigg video I ever saw


A hill is phenomenal. Just so much good and big stuff in there.


back with a video from lionel, dropping some watts again and talking his current quality training schedule vs before


The step ladder was for resting his arms on as he couldn’t use the bars initially :muscle:t2:

  1. How much sugar he puts on his Corn Flakes! :scream:

  2. Cramming 50 days of workouts into 21 days – he’d never last on the TR forum. :rofl:

  3. Double-double. Oh, Lionel… :man_facepalming:

  4. 4x30min @380w minimum. 4x5min @440w. 10x30s @580w. :boom::boom::boom:

  5. That sweat band and olde skool bottle cage.

  6. Wall of Mantras. :+1:

  7. WTZ?!? :large_orange_diamond:

  8. Doing extra intervals…and narrating it… :exploding_head:

My man-crush just got worse. :star_struck:


Yup. These were pretty much my reactions! Talk about a 180 from his vegan vitamix diet.


Watching a whole lot of RedLetterMedia lately. Haven’t watched free to air in years (most of Australian TV is downright brain-dead) and I only have YouTube Red as my only subscription service. There’s some pretty good original content out there but these guys are always great to watch especially during an endurance session.