Jonathan Lee's Yeti SB100 review



Any chance in getting a detailed review from jonathan on the Yeti SB 100. I’ve looked around on Youtube and haven’t found anything close to the quality review I know we would get from Jonathan. This bike seems to have qualities for both xc and trail. Wondering how it climbs compared to earlier generation xc Yeti and whether weight is an issue as it seems to be heavier? Does it come with lockout front and rear? What’s it like closing gaps out of the saddle? What is the infinity part of the rear suspension all about? Thanks!


I would also like to hear about the maintenance of the infinity system.


He wrote a little about it on Instragram and has talked a bit about the bike on his other podcast, MTBpodcast:

Pinkbike also put up a detailed review recently:

Paired with the new Fox SC 34 120mm it looks amazing. Jonathan set his up with his Rockshox RS-1. Listening to his comments is sounds like the stiffness of the rest of the SB100 doesn’t pair super well with the RS-1, which can be a bit flexy. Having ridden both, the Fox SC 34 is stiffer (and lighter), and probably why Yeti opted to pair this fork with the bike.

If I was buying a new XC bike today, it would be hard to not go with the SB100.


Are you looking for an XC bike strictly for racing and then riding around or a bike for your everyday bike and to race occasionally?

The SB100 is a very capable bike, I have a few friends on it who race xc. They love it. It climbs and descends amazing. But they are so damn fast they could race on a 28 pound trail bike and still win.

You’re concerned with weight - the SB100 GX is hefty at 27 pounds. The $9K model gets you to 25.7 pounds. You can grab the lower model of the Epic and it weighs less than Yeti’s most expensive model.

Demo everything if you can.



(that being said, my SB100 is the best mountain bike I’ve ever owned, uphill and downhill)