[Journey] From couch to completing my first MTB Marathon

Hi, I am a 26 year old male from Germany who is a typical couch potato. My weight is around 83 kg at a height of 190 cm. As I haven’t done much sports in the last 7 years, and my diet isn’t as good as it should be, those 83 kg are at a higher body fat percentage than it should be.
I am riding a Hardtail MTB, which I bought in 2018, for maybe 20 times/30km a year with some exception of some very low intensity 90 - 130 km rides, at the Rhine river, additional this summer.

My goal, complete a MTB Marathon end of April 2020. At the bottom of this post, you will find a altitude profile of this particular race, but here are some general information.

  • Distance: 100 km
  • Altitude range: 380m
  • Total climb: 3100 m
  • Total descent: 3000 m

I am totally not aware of the challenge I have signed myself up for, but nevertheless I will tackle this challenge and try my best. For archiving this goal, I decided to get into indoor training as well as functional training at the gym.

I want this topic to become my personal diary/journal and update it at least once a week once I get my indoor training setup.

Thanks, and stay tuned!


Good luck and you have plenty of time to prepare and train for that event. Schedule a Base - Build - Specialty (28 weeks) leading into your event. If you follow that consistently the marathon will be no problem.