Kickr Snap "control w/ Ant+ Power Meter" enabled---still need to calibrate?



On the standard Kickr model, there’s no need to calibrate the actual trainer if using the “control w/ ANT+ Power Meter” feature, but I’m wondering if the same is true for the Snap ( I’m not sure what difference calibrating the trainer will make if the reading is coming from the power meter (which will be calibrated before every workout). In my mind, as long as the tire pressure and barrel adjustment are the same on every ride, it shouldn’t make a difference, right?

Am I missing something there?


I have a Kickr Snap paired with a Stages power meter with Powermatch. I don’t calibrate my Kickr Snap at all and I calibrate/zero my power meter before each ride. So I would say you are right.

Although I don’t think the tire pressure is a big issue. I think you just need enough to so that the tire can “respond” to the changes in resistance from the Kickr Snap (as dictated by Powermatch).


I have the Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter feature enabled AND use TR power match. After the first 20 seconds or so, power tracks pretty much right on. I also then do a calibration about 10 minutes in (though I would think that both the features I’ve enabled means I wouldn’t need to do that). I’m using an Assioma UNO power meter.


Interesting. Having you tired using TR without PowerMatch? Curious if you notice a different with it off since you have Control w/ PM on in your Kickr settings.


I don’t get the logic or magic that happens, but here is how I use it. Stages controls the SNAP w/ ant+. SNAP is the PM recognized in TR. I don’t use powermatch. It makes a huge difference vs. just using the SNAP. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it works.


So wait, you don’t even connect your Snap to TR?


Yeah, I did try it without Power Match, but it didn’t seem to work very well.


I do. Not sure if you were asking me. snap is the PM used in TR. Stages is grayed out. In my mind it should be that TR uses the Stages, which in turn controls the SNAP. But then I do that, it doesn’t work as well.


Gotcha. I currently have the Stages set to control my Snap, but both are connected to TR—Stages is set to “cadence only.”

May toy with enabling Power Match as well to see what that does.


I see. That is how I have it set up then. I have a separate cadence sensor on my shoe and use that.