Kona Special #2 – David Nicholls – Ask a Cycling Coach 179



Hi Saul, sorry just seen this.

Sure, TR podcast aside, by far the most helpful podcast was “That Triathlon Show / Scientific Triathlon”, which can be found here. https://scientifictriathlon.com/category/podcast/

There a lot of episodes and I would suggest going from the earlier ones, as some of the later ones get pretty esoteric. Below are the ones that made the biggest difference for me (in order). Number 1 I have listened to 5 or 6 times it was so ground-breaking/useful for me.

  1. Race-day fueling and The Core Diet with Jesse Kropelnicki | EP#40
  2. The Pillars of Performance with elite coach Matt Dixon | EP#13
  3. Joe Friel’s advice for improving training structure and periodize your way to success | EP#1
  4. Bike Performance Makeover with Matt Bottrill | EP#77
  5. Heat adaptation and triathlon performance with Stephen Cheung | EP#138
  6. Mobility, Stability, and Strength with Erin Carson | EP#137

I also liked Matt Dixon’s Purple Patch Podcast, although I find him incredibly smug, he has some very smart / sensible things to say.

Finally I listened to the Kona Edge on my 15 min walks to work as they are short and its interesting / inspirational to hear what age groupers did to get to Kona, although you have to be wary of the n=1 nature of the advice (i.e. “I think you should only run twice a week and very easy”).

In terms of books, I like Jim Vance’s Triathlon 2.0 and Jesse Kropelnicki’s The Endurance Diet.