Leadville 100 MTB 2019


Can’t believe it. Got lucky and won a lottery entry!! Who else is in?


I’m in for my second try. I did 9:11 my first attempt with very little experience cycling (less than a year on a bike). Would like to shave 12 minutes off this time around but we shall see. Good luck!


That’s crazy fast for a year of cycling!


I didn’t hit the LV lottery so I’ll have to really focus on a qualifier event.


Didn’t get in? Do the Breck 100 instead!


Didn’t get in, but was already planning on needing to qualify to get in.


Same as others, I struck out on the lottery. Will probably do Silver Rush to try to qualify in or shift to Breck Epic if my team focuses on that. TBD. Bummed at not getting in but the popularity of the event continues to increase!


I did! I am excited and terrified at the same time. Instead of working I am looking at season planning and TrainerRoad plans… A good way to spend a Monday!


im doing it - got in through lottery at Tahoe Trail

going to try and check 2 boxes this year and do Ironman Santa Rosa to train for Leadville


Hey all. Just joined because i got a lottery pull as well! I guess after trying to get in for 5+ years my goodwill built up.

Planning on starting a plan here in the next few weeks. Any advice?




I’m in too, going to be interesting as it comes about 6wks after a 2000km+ ultra I’m doing.

Biggest concern I have is the logistics of getting myself and my bike from the UK, and finding somewhere that’s not crippling expensive to stay…


Book your place now. There are good options outside Leadville as well.

I got an AirBnB in Frisco (25 mins away) for pretty cheap.


Good call, just looking at Frisco now, seems much more realistic!


Thanks for that link @stevemz BTW - Nate recommended the base, sustained power build followed by century plan in the recent podcast rather than the XC Marathon.
My challenge is that I will be out of the country visiting family for the entire month of July (made the plans, hoping, but not expecting to get into LT100). So that combined with the 8 hour jet lag a week and a half before the race is making having a solid plan difficult.
Going to have to figure out how to carve time out for riding, switching to an outdoor/less structured training for July and also maintaining a good diet while staying with family and friends without overly-stressing about it. I need to decide whether to take my mountain bike (no power meter), road bike (with power) or just rent over there.


Great! Thank you. Also - the plan is start to finish which is amazing. Any thoughts on using TheSufferfest off-road Gran Fondo plan? I’m sure I’ll meet with some heated replies about the benefits of each. I normally train without any kind of videos except Netflix, etc.

Thanks again


I’ve never been a fan of the Sufferfest plans, but follow whatever plan you can stick to.

Consistency is the most important thing for training for a race like Leadville.


Right. Thank you and my guy is telling me to stick with TrainerRoad. Seems no nonsense, well planned progression.


I’ll be there (first timer). Also planning on the Wilmington Whiteface 100k as a practice race and see what kind of corral I can get.


Trying to qualify. That will be my “A” race for the year if I make it.