Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

So excited to finally have a legit Tri bike after 5 years of being in the sport. My 4-year-old daughter named it the ‘sweaty bike’ :joy:


Well done…that is a more than reasonable start for someone just winging it. Your numbers back up that this was a very good starting point.

I would like to see you now get more stretched out by moving your elbows forward. You don’t have to necessarily lower your pads / HB,…just by moving your pads forward, you will drop your shoulders more, narrow them a bit and most importantly get your head out of the wind.

I’m not familiar enough with the specifics of the Speed Concept HB system to give you specific recommendations on to best achieve that. You may be able to just move the pads and extensions forward, or you may require a different assembly (I know there are specific Trek combinations for the stem / stack assembly, but that is about it)

Once you get stretched out some more, work on “turtle get” your head or shrugging your shoulders to get your melon more in line with your shoulders.

If you do that, you’ll be crushing TT’s even more!

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I appreciate the detailed response. The SC cockpit is somewhat integrated and is not as flexible as other systems although I have plenty of room to slide the bars and pads forward. I will give that a try and see how It feels. Ultimately, my goal is to get closer to 28mph for the 30k.


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Yeah, that was why I didn’t make any specific recommendations re: what to change re: the actual setup. I know there are different hi / low stack and reach options, but don’t know the specifics.

But if you still have room to slide the bars and pads forward, I would absolutely just start there.

Most people focus on getting “lower” when often they just need to get “longer”…a side effect of which is also to get lower (especially your head as noted).

Good luck…would like to see how your position changes once you make some adjustments!!

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Mate you got a good set of pins for a CAT 4 racer!

I like the colour on the disc to spice it up a bit and match the kit.
Have you had aero testing before? I have a similar position to you albeit with higher hands up front and the same helmet. I have a similar gap between helmet rear and back of neck and shoulder blades. Was considering a different helmet to smooth it out a bit. Have you looked into that?

I don’t know that I would change his helmet…first, this is a static shot and he could have just been looking down at that moment. If he looks up just a small amount, the tail of his helmet will actually fill that gap nicely.

Also, many people report that the Kask Bambino does not test well…unless you have your head below your shoulders. That is clearly the case here.

Without testing, it is almost impossible to know whether a change in helmets would hurt or help…but based on some generalized data, the Kask is likely a decent choice here.


Here we go this is mine currently. New TT bike being built with Di2 and custom frame.

10spd DA Levers / Rear Mech
Sram Red Front mech
Sram Red 10spd 11-25 cassette
Sram Quarq Dzero Power Meter
Praxis BB
3T ski bends bars
Zipp Super9 Disc
Zipp 808
Scott Foil Frame
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt

I use a Lazer Wasp helmet. Truly uncomfortable to get on and off but very fast.

I guess I’ll share. 2006 P3C. I painted it after a repair to a damaged chainstay. Original front and rear dura ace 10sp derailleurs, swapped out original FSA for an ultegra 165m crankset.


Unfortunately my old Shiv TT got stolen back in October. Insurance paid out for it, so I was lucky to be able to build a new one to replace it.

2019 S-Works Shiv TT module (size L)…sadly no more XL
Wattshop UCI legal standardized extensions
SRAM Red Etap (11spd)
S-Works carbon power crank (165mm)
Ceramicspeed coated OSPW
TriRig Omega X front and rear brakes
Dash Stage saddle
Aerocoach Titan (100mm) front
Roval 321 rear

Luckily I’d ordered the Aerocoach wheel and Wattshop extensions months ago, but they still hadn’t come in yet when the old bike was stolen, otherwise the thieves would have gotten them too.


Very tasty…excellent build!!

Here’s my update from about a year and a half or so back. Saddle swap REALLY helped, and then there’s a functional front end raise with the higher extensions. I’m feeling good about it. It’s not perfect bike photography, but I don’t have the disc on and I don’t want to redo it… :sweat_smile:

This is full race setup for IMTX in April. I won’t swim or run very fast, but historically I should go top 3 on the bike, which would be ~4h30m bike split (BestBikeSplit approved estimate) :crossed_fingers:t3:


Please tell me more about those extensions!

It looks like they might have stopped making them. I have these: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz8S9VSF9aY/?igshid=1g759ewstemku

Here’s the new generation https://www.shopforwatts.co.uk/collections/anemoi/products/anemoi-extensions

My new TT Frame to be Di2 3T Vola Flat w/ Ski Extensions and a Adamo TT saddle. New 165mm Ultegra Magene D/S PM, 54/39 - 11/28t.
I havent decided on a BB as yet but I will probably go with a C-Bear. And replace the pulleys with C-Bear aluminium.



Paint job is legit!

BMC TimeMachine Di2. Have an Enve disc on it now. Not actual pic, but exactly same, down to bar tape.


Shark TT bike - I picked this up second hand last year for triathlons and have found it pretty quick for me. I believe it’s a branded Hongfu Avenger TM6.

Any suggestions for some clean top tube storage? Doesn’t have holes to bolt anything on and could do with something to carry some food for longer distance.

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Dark Speed Works do a top tube bag that doesn’t require any bolts.

Does anybody have experience or recommendations for custom foam for the arm cups? I don’t want to replace with OEM, but mine are super worn out. I can’t really figure out where to get a good foam that I can cut out and stick some Velcro on, but that’s what I’d like to do unless someone has a better idea. I have these, so I can’t do any old replacement: https://profile-design.com/collections/aerobar-spare-parts/products/arm-trough-f-19-al-right

Any ideas?


Recently got some of these for my pads. They are amazing. I had previously done what you talked about and bought some foam and diy’ed it and it never ended up nice. Got the ceegees and will never use anything but (or similar) aftermarket pads.