Let's see your paincave!



Let’s see your set up! What works and what could be better? Computer is behind the wall. Ant+ dongles are in a wall outlet behind the bike.

What works: this set up is great. Speakers, TV and computer monitor. The fan is on a bluetooth outlet which is amazing

What could be better:
Better wall mounted fan



Here is my his and her paincave -

What works:

  • 2 monitors, 1 for trainerroad, 1 for movies
  • Monitors at eye level
  • Fan close to bikes
  • Headphones

What could be better:


I’m bringing this over from the Facebook group since this seems like the most relevant place for it. For a long time I trained in the living room with a computer (entertainment) and laptop (TR). I spent a good deal of time thinking about how I could make the best set-up possible and over the summer built out my pain cave. It’s pretty dialed in now, it’s a great space that I want to go and train in without bothering the rest of the family. I think the only thing that could be improved would be replacing the trainer with a direct-drive model, Kickr18 is what I’m considering. That said, the Snap continues to dish out unrelenting pain without complaint. I think my favorite thing is actually the Sagan photograph. I watched him win Paris-Roubaix while doing a TR workout. He went on a long range attack to beat Silvan Dillier, both of them emptied the tank with an amazing sustained effort. I imagine that my long Sweet Spot intervals are helping me get a little bit closer to being able to do that myself.


Dual lasko fans!! That’s the best combo.

Nice rack too :wink: :sunglasses:


The pain mezzanine. Looks like an absolute mess. I guess it is.


Here’s mine.


My wife and I both use TR so a two bike setup with home made tables for out tablets. Cheap fans £15 each. My new KK Road Machine and a few weights and floor space for exercises.


The stuff dreams are made of!


Just moved in but got my priorities set, floor painted, trainer set up.


Still needs rewiring and I want a better fan (maybe a headwind) and I need some updated photos with TrainerRoad on the screen instead of Zwift :flushed:


@D_LICHTENBERGER, nice and clean setup :wink:


@julianoliver, wow. Serious pain cave :grinning:


42” tv that wasn’t being used any more. Perfect for movies. TR on the tablet. 2017 Wahoo Kickr. “Spare” Cervelo P2. Oh, and of course wheel storage.


My primary pain cave is mobile, as I do almost all of my training during my lunch break. I have a kurt kinetic road machine (and P1 pedals) along with a fan, a riser block, a tablet and headphones all packed into the kinetic trainer bag. I walk it over to my gym from my office everyday, set up, ride, and pack it back into my car at the end of the workout. It isn’t optimal, but it gets the job done and I don’t have to use broken down gym equipment. Thankfully my health insurance pays for a gym membership, so I don’t have to spend too much time thinking about the fact that I am paying for the gym but using all my own equipment…


My current setup. It’s CX season so road bike goes on the trainer. Have a lasko pro, a larger lasko but it def isn’t as good, and an AC unit that I have to use just to keep the basement tolerable lol


that’s pretty rad, actually! just google’d the kinetic trainer bag – such a smart portable setup! :raised_hands:


This is a great idea!



Thanks man! It works well, I will warn you that the kinetic bag is not terribly well built. I have had it replaced twice under warranty because the backpack strap keep ripping out from normal use (the road machine isn’t exactly light weight). I finally did some hand stitching to reinforce the points where the straps attach to the body of the bag. So far that is working well…but it did require a little DIY.