Let's see your paincave!

From what we can see its a Morris Minor Post Office Van! OR at least the rear doors, chassis and floor pan!


Any steel leaf springs…I’m thinking rock plate designs :sweat_smile:

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Let us know if you unearth Jimmy Hoffa…


There might be…except it would probably be hard to distinguish under the rust :smile:

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This could get interesting, very quickly!!

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A few upgrades to the cave as trainer season approaches. Love tweaking things from time to time to optimize my set up.




Where’s your fan gone?

Stanley fan under the table?

Where did the bikes go?

It’s a Lasko, but yep under the table pointed right at the bike. Those fans are amazing!

The TT bike on the wall has since been sold. The Stigmata’s a keeper though!

Off camera is a BMC Roadmachine and a Santa Cruz Hightower so n+1 is still in full effect.

This weekend brought changes to the pain cave. Can you ever have too many bikes?


Quick question… since this is a garage (I assume with the door tracks overhead), is it a climate controlled space, or is the door & fan combo the only control you have? I relocated to SC and now have a garage and was planning on creating a workshop/pain cave combo in my garage but am on the fence about it as it has no HVAC and it gets hot in there in the middle of summer even with a fan blowing, and that was just doing maintenance, I’m not even set up yet to train.

if you can afford it, get a split unit for your garage. Efficient and quiet. insulate the garage. Will make a HUGE difference.

I have a portable AC unit in my garage here in Indiana. When it is really hot, I have to start the AC about dinner time the night before to get it somewhat cool in there in the am. I had hoped to hang a curtain wall between the pain cave area and the rest of the garage to minimize the AC demands.

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My space is already partially finished (drywalled) but I know 2 walls and ceiling are insulated as they but up against living spaces. The 3rd wall is an unknown but I will investigate. The split unit is a good idea, I have to check HOA rules as the garage is not supposed to be converted to “living space” so that might cross the line, but I will check into it as it’s not something I considered before.

In the mean time I also have a portable unit I was considering using as my front fan and extending the discharge home out the bottom of the garage door that would be open a crack. I would only use it during the training sessions, but not sure how viable this solution would be. Have you tried that instead of cooling the whole space?

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What kind of temperatures are you seeing in there?

I live in NC and considered air conditioning in the garage. I put a thermometer in the garage to measure them and discovered that it wasn’t too bad. I’m in a new build terrace and even when it’s over 100 outside, the garage tends to top out at about 85 in the late afternoon (more like low 80s early in the morning). In the winter low 60’s is as low as it falls. With 2 solid fans, I can deal with 85 for the summer months and avoid the ~$5k cost to install a unit.


I do use the AC as my fan, with the Lasco as well. Still not enough when the garage is 80 and I am doing hard efforts.

The previous owner installed a dryer vent opening in the side of the garage for the AC unit. Quick and easy. Vents outside.

I don’t know if I would even tell the HOA – put the outside unit out of sight.

Last I looked at split units, there were several complete units for under $1K.

An insulated garage door will make a HUGE difference.

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Honestly I haven’t measured it, but it didn’t feel much cooler on the 95+ days we had. Might of been due to stagnant air. Cooling off here now a bit so I should be good until next spring if I can clear out the space and get things set up.

I don’t think 80 would bother me. I don’t mind riding outside when it’s over 95 but there is a lot more cooling going on since I’m moving. I could be overthinking everything and the portable and 2 fans may be enough.

I originally was going to use one of the spare bedrooms as my pain cave but don’t feel like carting my bike up and down the stairs, it could be an occasional option though. I know, I know, excuse for a new bike, but we have more pressing things to blow money on right now. :rofl:

I’d start with 2 excellent fans (the Lasko ones are recommended) and put a thermometer in the garage to keep track of temp over time.

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I’ve been using a small Lasko for years inside, but also have a standup Lasko I was going to put into use as well in the garage, that should give me adequate cooling and different levels as well. But I will invest in a thermometer for sure and take it from there.

I should post my sketchup of my plans as I have them now.

Spare room setup for winter.