Let's see your paincave!



Here’s my current setup.

I have my Emonda setup on my Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer and two Honeywell fans. I also have a set of Cycleops magnetic rollers that I prefer to use for either endurance or sweetspot type rides.

For my TV setup, I have a Apple TV that I can run Zwift on if I’m doing an easier ride. If I’m doing TrainerRoad workouts though, I usually just mirror my iPhones screen to the monitor. My phone is conveniently mounted on my stem as to make controlling things easy while on the rollers.

The next thing I need to do is make the bike area dog safe somehow. I often feel guilty having my beagles locked up in the crates while I’m riding after work. However, I always worry that they’re going to hurt themselves on the spinning wheels of the bicycle. So I need to build some sort of fence around the bike.


#inspiration !!!

Just one question: why are the fans negating each other? I think it would be better coming from the same direction.

Amazing setup, and yes, the inspiration is awsome !!! Thanks for sharing


I had hard time locating the bikes at first :slight_smile:


Thanks! I have the fans like that because it is the most convenient. I already had them laying around so I used them. The fan in front to my right is plugged into a wireless remote controlled outlet from Amazon. I turn it on just after my warm up. The fan to my left can be turned to face either the bike or treadmill and I can reach it to turn On or Off manually. I only use the fan to my left during really hard sessions. For long or easier rides one fan is enough.


I have an actual CAVE for my current paincave.

Moving flat in 2 weeks so will have a far less medieval dungeon decor and hopefully a nice new cave shot to add to thread.

Still, part of me will miss the batcave …:skull:


Cables everywhere, but it gets the job done.

Minutes feel like hours in here…


How does your monitor not topple off the boxes lol


It’s all in the balancing… Can’t bring myself to buy a proper stand for it when this one works absolutely fine lol


FWIW, I’ve never had my dogs come anywhere near the trainer when I’m riding. They’re more scared of it than they are curious. YMMV.


Yeah, same here. Well, my cat anyway. My dogs never get the opportunity (my office is where the trainer lives, but also the litter box, so the dogs aren’t allowed in my office at all).

On the other hand, I usually crate my dogs if I’m on the trainer and no one else is home, because they can get up to mischief in the rest of the house and I won’t hear it over the headphones and the fan.


How do you fair with those fans at that distance and angle?


New addition to the cave. The front roller on an old pair of rollers my son picked up broke and couldn’t be fixed or replaced reasonably so a little DIY to transform it into a fixed trainer. It’ll get bolted into place when I get his bike on it (that’s my track bike) because his is longer wheelbase


Hack or bodge? I vote hack!


Here’s my humble abode:

and here’s the view to the rear:

and the view beyond that:


My dogs are a bit too curious with the bicycle wheels that it scares me. So right now I crate them while I ride, if I leave them out in a different room they tend to destroy things. I feel guilty having them in the crate though, they’re in there all day while I’m at work already! So having them in the crates while I’m riding is no good.


They do pretty well! The fans are powerful despite their size. I like the angle I have them at as they still hit my face, but they also get the side of my body really well. I find I’m actually cooler with this setup than I ever am riding outside (in the summer anyways).


Just moved mine around. Pretty satisfied with the result.

Pain Cave Advice

You had me at the 848 :smiley:


Butler I love that setup. One of the best I’ve seen. What did you use to mount that Bianchi?


What vertical mounts are those? Also interested in the padding on the wall behind the hanging bikes. Looking to do something similar, just on a smaller scale (1-2 bikes).