Let's see your paincave!



Thanks mate. I Used one og these. I live in Denmark (EU) comes from a local bike shop. The bike hangs in the pedal. Looks neat and is stable too:-).


Like the Mount for the Bianchi They are from a local bikeshop here in Denmark. But They look like this. Works Awesome. They have room for an 80 mm deep wheel, But Thats the limit.image


Oh Didnt see your second question the first time:-). Its nor padding. Just painted the Wall Dark Blue, or rather My wife did:-)



Wow that room is green. :frog:


I’ve got a real softspot for that shape of S-Works Tarmac… Lovely colouring too.


Moving on Tuesday, this is the temporary setup for today’s abbreviated Eclipse. :rofl:


Wow, I have questions about that ergometer!

Does TR control resistance of the ergometer?
Hows does the inertia compare to other trainers/outdoor?


Some people have excuses, some people just do. Well done. :clap:


Yes, TR controls it using ANT+ FE-C. The feel is what I like the most about it, I’d say it has a very road-like feeling. But I haven’t ridden any modern direct-drive trainers, so I can’t really compare it to those.

The bike is actually mostly use for test facilities, but I was lucky enough to have one lent to me to support my efforts of making this model and the more cheaper models ANT+ capable.


I’m amazed* at the amount of people that have garages, spare rooms and spaces for workouts that aren’t full of random crap.



serious crosswind!


My garage used to be a room for my car and random crap spread out around it. I had a vision of a workout space that I would enjoy using and spent weeks researching how I could make it work and all the products that would suit my needs. Then I spent a week pulling everything out, throwing away junk, installing shelving and storage to organize things better and create the space I needed. Finally I was able to put in the workout equipment and I love the result. I can still get my car in the same as before, all the random stuff is more organized and accessible and I created a new “room” that gets a lot of use.

Rough plan I drew up in the planning phase. Final result surprisingly came very close to the plan


@Adamjowens I’m amazed at the number of people who have garages that don’t have cars in them, but I think I am in the minority.


Car goes in the garage, it’s just that including it doesn’t show off the paincave space as well.


As a sub topic here, what does everyone do for climate control?

or am I the only southerner? Right now I’m keeping my inside garage door open and using fans to duct air into the garage from the game room, but I’m looking at a split ductless unit here in a few months.



@mellowdave I’m in NC and just use two Lasko fans. In the summer I do my workouts in the morning before the sun heats up the garage too much, the temperature is between 75-85 in the hotter months when I workout.


I’m in Texas… training in the garage is pretty much a non-starter for me. My wife and I are talking about building a finished shed (electricity, insulation…) in the next year or two, but otherwise I’m not training in a shed either. :stuck_out_tongue:


My long term plan (next summer at the earliest) is to do the same, but then my current space is just going to become a bigger game room for th kids, so it will still need AC. Honestly, summer isn’t too bad with the AC coming from th house, but I guess since we never really get acclimated to cold here, I freeze out here when the temp drops.


@julianoliver - how much height does your pain cave have. Would love to squeeze a rack into my garage, but not sure I have the clearance.