Let's see your paincave!



To make my fans effective I use a strong mobile dehumidifier


I’m not sure, but my guess is around 10 ft. I think you’d likely be ok for height, it only has to be taller than your equipment which in my case is the Rogue RML-490C which has a height of 90.375". That’s under 8 ft, so you’d have to have seriously low ceilings for that to be an issue. You’ll get variation between brands, but most are going to be around that height to allow for overhead pressing without hitting the top (unless you’re a giraffe).

For most people, I think width and depth are more likely to be an issue. Width since you have to have room for the bar and enough room on either end to allow easy plate loading, something around 10 ft is ideal. Depth, not for the equipment, the equipment which is actually pretty shallow, but once you factor in bench length and walking around room, something like 8 feet. So, 8’ H, 10’ W, 8’D is roughly what I think you’re looking for.

If you don’t have that kind of room, there are smaller options height wise, like a squat stand or just a basic bench setup. No getting away from the length of your body or the width of the bar though. Good luck.


Thanks! Yeah, I”m 6’5 with long arms, so definitely need a bit more height than most for Shoulder Presses. There are rafters in my garage at around 8 feet (away at the moment so can’t measure, but that feels right), so I’m going to be a bit restricted, but like the idea of having a basic rack set up for squats, bench press etc.


You’ll have to look at your space. While I have no issue with ceiling height, I had to work around the garage door rails which are more like 7’. You might find that the rafters are low, but there is a wide enough gap to get equipment between the rafters, depending on their spacing. Since you’re tall and if you have the space you might look for taller options like the Froning edition which gives an extra 10 inches. I’m 6’ and I just fit under my rack with overhead presses (and hit them if I’m uneven on a rep). Alternatively, a half rack like the HR-2 would still give you safety for benches and squats, but freedom to step out for OHP. It’s also still the standard 49" x 49" base, so doesn’t require you to bolt it down.


This is the one I have https://www.fitnessavenue.ca/amstaff-tp006d-power-squat-rack-training-system-cage It’s no Rogue but it meets my needs, inexpensive and is only 81" tall and fits in my basement with a low ceiling. You can see part of it in my post.


free motion rollers with the platform I built around it.


Not sure this counts as a cave, but this is where I train…


OHHH I like this.


Love the wall decals!


Do you recall where you got the Sagan photograph?



Here is mine tucked away in our storage room. Works quite well for what I need but as you can tell it is a little tight. I have more room in my house but been too lazy to move it.

My trek emonda alr on a kickr snap paired with the 4iiii left side power meter. Have an old Imac that I run TR in with netflix. At some point will take my old 42” plasma and run the imac to that to have a bigger screen and move it out of the corner.


Finally took some pictures of ours:

Husband is on the kickr, I’m on the cyclops fluid trainer. Only addition I’m contemplating at the moment is another fan closer to my bike.
Through the doorway is a storage area where we have spare wheels and all our tools/spare parts on cube shelf.


Which model do you use?




Is that a small portable airconditioning unit? Where does the other end vent to?


I Built a “window type” AC into my pain cave, with remote control of course. . Cut a hole in the drywall and framed it in.
Happens that my cave is next to the furnace room in my basement so it vents into that room.

Works well.


Outside in the outhouse, basic but gets the job done!


Thought it was about time I documented my setup…

Its’ evolved over time - I started with my old commute bike and a Tacx Vortex, running Trainer Road on an old Dell Laptop. I used a Pixel C tablet to watch Amazon TV on.

As you can see from the picture, it’s evolved somewhat.

I should also point out - I’m a geek and I work in IT… some of this has been custom built for no other reason than I can :slight_smile:

Not sure where to start :slight_smile:

Trainer Road runs on an 8" Amazon Fire Tablet (that’s the tablet on the right hand shelf).
The tablet on the Left hand shelf is a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen (more on that in a moment).
Bike is a Pinarello (bought 2nd hand on ebay) - I’ve never ridden it on the road.
Turbo is a Tacx Neo
Floor Fan is a Daewoo 18" from Amazon
Top of the shot is a Blue Ray Player
TV is a 42" Sony (surplus to upgrading the one in the lounge).
Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into the back of the TV.

Headphones for the telly - I’ve got a pair of Anker Blue Tooth headphones for the Fire TV, sadly the Blue Ray player doesn’t have BlueTooth on it, so I’ve had to also include a wired pair (so I may retire the wireless).

Better picture of Bike and Turbo.

Naturally the bike has evolved ! It came with 8 speed Sora, I’ve changed the pedals and chain rings to 105 (because it was the cheapest way on ebay of getting 172.5mm cranks rather than the 170mm it came with), and I’ve added a Stages LH Power Meter which is Ultegra (another ebay special).

Those of you in the UK will understand the concept of Triggers new Broom :slight_smile:

The Raspberry Pi Tablet does a couple of things. I’m running openHab for home automation, and the floor fan and the desk fan that are in the garage are both connected to TP Link Wifi plugs. So the Touch screen allows me to turn the fans on and off independently. The temperatures you can see are from sensors around the house, and the Power is the amount of power the house is drawing (not I’m generating, although I am looking at that as I’ve now got a spare ANT+ dongle :-))

Basically - it’s a ludicrously over-engineered way of turning the fans on and off, but I enjoyed building it :slight_smile: (it also has a temp sensor on the back which is where the garage temp is coming from).

If you are that interested in the weather around Harrow, London - search twitter for #HarrowWeather (yes - the weather station tweets the weather every 30 mins for no other reason than I can).

Improvements - I want to see if I can control the speed of the fan via a Raspberry Pi, I also want to have a play with some of the thermal sensors you can get now and see if I can get the fan to come on when my core body temp hits a certain threshold (I’m not sure this would be actually that useful, but if you haven’t spotted it yet not all the stuff here is the easiest / most practical way of doing something !).



I am looking for a new stand to keep my IPad during the TR workouts. Has anyone used the Tacx T2098?

I am not sure if that can be used with my Kinetic Rock&Roll, as there is not that much space for the front wheel to move.