Let's see your paincave!



I have the version which hooks on the bars and levers itself on the stem. I don’t use it or an iPad anymore but whilst I did it was good.


I used this for a while and it worked well, the only issue was it wouldn’t fit with my Garmin out front mount so that had to be removed if I wants to use. I’d love to adapt it to some type of stand, but in the mean time I’m using a stem mount my wife picked up for me.


Yeah, that was a bit of a ballache for me too. In the end I just moved my Elemnt mount over slightly or had it loose enough to push down out of the way when indoors (without being too loose for outside.)


I’m going reverse-snob on this subject: if it’s got good lighting, central heating and/or paint on the walls, it’s not a cave it’s a room! :wink: I’m just jealous.

When it was tidy:

Not a screen in sight! :slight_smile:


Oh wow. Kudos to you - I don’t think my brain could handle training in there.


The handlebar attached version is also an option for me.

As I have the Rock&roll, I would rather have a stand where the IPad is not connected to the bike. Currently I have a DIY stand mimicking the DCrainmaker DIY stand.


Yes it is. It comes with that tube and adjustable fix-ins that you can fit to your nearest window so it vents outside. you just have to regularly drain the water that accumulates inside but minimum hassle is outweighed by the cooling benefits, specially here in Manila.


Just bought a Tacx Flux & did the FTP test (Tacx app, don’t need ANT+ antenna, I can run the app from my Samsung S8), going to sign up for TR when I get an ANT+ antenna; I’m training for Ironman Canada (July 28, 2019) and plan on using a user-provided gpx file from Strava to train on all winter (it rains here Nov-April pretty much).
Right now, I’m mirrorcasting to the TV from my phone.
Trying to talk The Husband into letting me get a treadmill. We’d have no space otherwise (our coffee table is shoved to the back of the room right now, but we don’t need to have people over really.
Thanks for the ideas.


Here it is! Cycleops Hammer just run it off my phone and watch races or something on tv!


Pain cave/sim racing rig set up for training at the top and racing underneath. Spoiled for choice on which monitor to run TrainerRoad on!


F#$k yes. I’m jealous…


Meet my pain cave

Compared to some here, it seems dark, dismal and cramped , but doesn’t feel that way when I’m on it… old solid sounding Sony stereo system with a X5 fiio and DAB radio connected on top shelf.

Cyclops hammer, couple of flat screens and remote blackberry keyboard/mousepad. Couple of fans, one above and one via the aircooler, great with the summer heat with door open… Shelf of goodies in reach to the side and fridge along side that.

Until I get a Surface hub for the Pro 4, I’m stuck running two screens from two devices, other ‘mini pc’ sat on the closed surface is running the 42" plasma, that’s a Planet Computer Gemini pda. Though I haven’t done any Trainerroad or Zwift rides from it yet… I normally just stream Netflix/TV from it to this screen. Surface normally runs both TR and Zwift on the top screen.

Most importantly always, as shown in first picture… “know where your towel is”!


Regarding tablet stands:
I have been very happy with this product from Germany… can be used on a bar or attached to any object (such as a shelf or camera stand). Compared to many other solutions, this feels like good quality.
manufacturer site


Pretty basic but it’s a start


I see all these indoor caves. I can’t for the life of me understand how you guys can train indoors with those puny fans.

I’m out on my covered deck in 50 degree weather with a 24" commercial fan pointed at me and I’m still overheating.

My big coming innovation is a switch so I can turn the fan on without getting off the bike.


Size isn’t everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

The new blower fans move lots of air for their size. I have 2 now that are the same size or smaller than my old “regular” fans and I feel more flow from them.


3 mil clear plastic will do wonders for protecting that floor! If you sweat at half the rate I do, you will need it! Fabric stores (JoAnn’s) is where I got mine. Relatively cheap, clear so not as obvious and keeps the floor from turning into goo.


Ok… here’s where I’m at: music stand my son made in summer camp, artists easel to hold old 720p tv, 24” Dayton fan. Everything driven from old surface tablet I got at pc recycle for $50. Usually I’m training when it’s dark so I just hear the rain in the trees.

The cooling still isn’t adequate though, going to get another fan just fer me head!

Gotta day too that I love the latest trainerroad on pc. Golden cheetah was always sorta a cross the fingers afair…


Here is the cave. Needs a tidy up but I’m only concentrating on the workout (and the podcast)


Tried the outdoor route in my deck but the optical sensor kept getting triggered from the sun and the wahoo wouldn’t work.

I recommend a wemo WiFi plug. You can control your fan from your phone. If you’re feeling extra lazy you can hook it up to an Apple HomePod or an Alexa or Google Home so you can just ask your assitant to turn on and off your fan/ac/whatever you want. This is the route I have taken.