Let's see your paincave!



Sun interference: I had that happen once. Was really scared it was broken, then covered sensor from sun and problem solved. I think that’s nature’s way to tell you not to indoor trainer when the sun is out!

Wireless switch? Pah! $4 physical switch is good and simple.


When we finished the basement I figured, why not. The bike is sitting right below a window which I keep open in the winter during workouts.


Nice What are those Lasko fans? Never heard of them. Are they much stronger than regular ones? Any links?


Yes, they’re the business and still have a small footprint.



Nothing fancy, but I like the spot. The view is nice when the weather is good. Makes you think you conquered a climb :slight_smile:


No pic yet, but a question.

Live in India. Can get hot, though not that much where I live. Have an air conditioned room for my workout, and a table fan too, but the table fan is pretty feeble.

Looking to get a wall mounted heavy duty fan. These are two that are easily available to me. The smaller one gives about 5300 CFM, while the bigger one is 10000 CFM.

Would the big be an overkill? Is there anything like an overkill for a fan in a pain cave? I sweat a lot. What kind of air movement do the fans that you guys use do?



My fan is 3900 cfm on maximum. I tend to run it on 1 or 2 (our of 3) depending on the workout. My paincave went up 2C during todays workout!


I run a ceiling fan as well but my little yellow fan is only a little over 300 cfm. It’s branded Stanley but is a yellow Lasko, the airflow is pretty nice, granted I’m using it in a roughly 70 deg F room now. I don’t feel like I want much more airflow, I don’t want things blowing around the room :slight_smile:

I bought this one years ago after seeing it suggested somewhere else and it has held up well. I like that it has extra outlets on it which has been very useful. Additionally around the house I’ve used it to dry wet floors, paint, working in a garage in the summer time etc.

One of my friends has a Portacool in his garage which would be great until all of your equipment rusted away.


I don’t think you can compare CFM across fan types. The utility fans like the Lasko and Wahoo Headwind direct air in a narrow column. The Lasko linked a few posts up is “only” 340 CFM, but it all comes directly at me. A few mm difference in where the base is directed can mean the difference between the air hitting you or not.

A large pedestal fan like this one below has a CFM rating of 4,800 and costs about the same as the Lasko. 4,800!!! That’s 14 times more powerful than the Lasko, I bet if I was using it I would get blown off my bike! Well, no, that’s highly unlikely. The larger fans disperse the air widely, which is great if you’re wanting to give a little puff over a wide area, but we’re not, we want high velocity over a 1 ft square area up to about 3 feet.


There you go !
When working out, the smaller screen is for TR, the bigger for entertainment. No fans yet, but coming in shortly


Our basement is our bike shop and pain cave. But all your pretty pictures have motivated me to make some improvement !


Lacrosse - Nice! Big lacrosse family here


Makes sense.

Having said that, I have access in India only to the classic type of fans. I can get a Lasko when I travel, but would like to have one mounted above my screen, pointing straight at me. Any of these [are they called centrifugal fans?] that I can wall mount?

Also, do you think one of those Lasko type of fans would actually be near as good as those pedestal monstrosities?

Also, would really appreciate it if you could share a link to the most powerful blower fan that I could get.


Maybe a Black Jack? (:thinking:)


I would be totally OK with that, but it would exceed my luggage limits :wink:


Recent (yesterday) picture. The room is still half full of rubbish that should be in a shed I haven’t finished building yet!!


Looks like an old hospital table you have there?


Sort of yes. A cheaper version of same that my grandfather used before he passed. It’s not nearly as sturdy or stable as a proper hospital trolley would be.


Cleaned the poor door this weekend, ‘target practice’ for all my snot rockets :sneezing_face:

Get’s pretty cold in there, down to a few degrees usually in the winter and in the summer it’s north of 25 degrees but I give up in there beyond 19 to be honest.

Finished my Rocker Plate too, give or take…


Old LCD still going strong.


The point of my message earlier was, it depends. If you want to cool a room, the utility fans would not be very good. If you’re trying to cool just yourself sitting on a bike, it’s an excellent choice. I just don’t think CFM is a very good measure to rate fans across categories.

I live the in the US, I don’t have knowledge of fan availability in India. Sorry.