Let's see your paincave!



Hahah, nice!


Nice! I’m an old guy now. :wink:
Retired from Box Masters a few years ago.

But I still use my stick during my non-ride workouts…


I never played lacrosse as a kid. Picked up a little masters until the knees couldn’t take it while I coached my son through a number of years of both box and field. I manage his university team - he’s a senior now.


Thanks. Was looking at US availability. Guess I’ll try one of those Lasko ones when I travel to the US next.


And another update…now with room for two to play!!


All these awesome pain caves made me realise that I need to need to clean up mine.
Might be a project for the weekend.
despite having the large TV I still tend to use the iPad for TR as the TV is currently to high when down on the TT bars

There is another three bikes out of the picture on the left and 2 in the “dungeon” oh and frame off to the right… I think I might have an issue :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s mine no fans just patios door opened behind for cooling!,


I like that you “level” your iPad so you don’t watch it crooked hehe


I feel you I am in a over 100 year old coal room under my early victorian flat in London.


LOL!! I have lots of issues that I’m working on in terms of sitting on the bike correctly, a bike fit early in the year showed a shocking image of me sat very lopsided. So now I’m paranoid about it and use the level to make sure that at least the bike is level each time!! Then it’s just myself I need to think about :smile:


Here’s mine!

I think i’m going to upgrade some things this off season. Here’s what I’m thinking:

LASKO Fan is a must :slight_smile:
I should also clean up my table… I’ve got all sorts of crap on there lol
I want to change how I run TR… I can either:

  • Get a CABLE ANT+ to BLE bridge and run it from my iPad/phone
  • Get a cheep Mac mini and TV to leave in this room (it’s a finished shed and has AC but I only run it when I’m in there so the rest of the time it’s either roasting in the summer or freezing in the winter)
  • Go the CABLE route with my iPAD but still get a TV with Apple TV to cast my screen

I’m also thinking about getting a smart Trainer… may get a TACX Vortex on Black Friday/ Christmas Sales.

In all I’ve only got around $400 to spend so I’ll have to prioritize.

What would ya’ll suggest?


Lots of people upgrading this time of year, second hand market will probably get you something far more for your money.

Check GPLamas recent youtube video for advice on purchasing, perfectly timed for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z1pRgrpbWA


Just keep in mind that CABLE doesn’t transmit the FEC protocol (at least according to the @GPLama video on setting up zwift on 4k apple tv… there might be something newer than that).


Well right now I don’t have a smart trainer so I’d just be using it to get my Vector 2s pedals to transmit to my phone (They are ANT+ only) and then if I did get a smart trainer it would have BLE and run to my phone and I think from what others have posted I would be able to use CABLE to enable power match through the TR iOS app.

I don’t use Zwift so if I got an apple tv it would simply be for casting the iPhone screen to a TV


Mine. Still trying to get a Lasko [or equivalent] fan.


@julianoliver…Nice setup…Also would love to know where I can find that Sagan/Dillier photo!


Very nice

You might also look for the brand name Stanley, normally know for tools, Lasko makes some fans for them. Mine is yellow and black but other than that it’s a Lasko:

Stanley Lasko fan on Amazon



Finally got my pain cave sorted out. I built a sort of Murphy Shelf for my computer. It folds into the wall when not in use.

I have plenty of room for the family car, camping gear, strollers, and all my tools.

Found the fan in a discard pile a few moves back. It has three settings - the highest is like a whirlwind.

Best/cheapest hacks for standing desk for laptop etc

I’ve had a Tacx vortex for 2 years and had no probs at all.