Let's see your paincave!



Firstly what hand crank is that your using , Secondly what trainer do you use as i know someone who has a hand crank similar looking and wants to use a turbo instead of rollers. Thanks in advance


I have Sopur Shark RS handbike at the moment, but getting a new one before the end of the year. My trainer is Wahoo Kickr Snap.


Ah cool nice one thanks for the quick reply.


U r welcome. :blush:



That hinged drop down table is ingenious!


Sorry @julianoliver, didn’t see your question. :pensive:

The one I have is theoretically able to extract 30 liters within 24h (30°C, 90%).
Unfortunately a dehumidifier works best at high temperatures (≥30°C) with high level of humidity (≥90%).
At 15-20°C a dehumidifier works much less effective.

After 90min-120min without dehumidifier I have water (sweat, running down my legs – that’s gross. :nauseated_face:) in my shoes, like after a ride in the rain. The humidity in my room is in the range of 85-90% and I’ve used 3-4 towels.

After 90-120min with dehumidifier my shoes are dry (as no water/sweat is running down my legs), humidity is never higher than 59% and I only need one towel. Room still feels and is humid, but it’s much more tolerable.

The one I have is this one (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00B3PK8E4).
I personally wouldn’t buy something weaker than that.


Ok… total noob here, don’t even have a cave.
Dropped the cash for Tacx Neo, combined it with some stuff I already had, and I am quite happy with the result in my spare / hobby room.

However, I love the gritty setups in this thread… Note to self: need to find myself a proper cave asap :slight_smile:


Nice setup, that’s the type of environment I dream about! :grinning:


Lax! I have four kids and they all play. I played in high school and college many moons ago.


I got lucky that the 2x4 cross brace was at the perfect height. Total cost for hardware and the cord was $9 too :smiley: I found the board in my garage, I am not sure where it came from… :thinking:


I can’t help but to throw a proud dad picture. Here’s my 6’3" Senior at Carleton U in Ottawa, Canada. He’s damn quick on a fixed gear too


Dude, your setup is fine, all you need is a side table though, for bottles, towel and gels etc. Get a remote activated plug for the fan and your set. There no set definition for a “Pain Cave”.


Here is my current set up, more a pain corner (of the kitchen) :slight_smile: I don’t mind how crude, the main thing is that it set up and all I have to do is hop on. That light is a SAD light and it is already dark early in the day here in Ireland and it really does help me get through these dark, dull days :slight_smile: :sunny: Oh, it isn’t as blindingly bright as it looks in the 3rd picture


This is what I just got for cooling.
Very powerful, I only run it on 1 of 3.
Very directional, with an adjustable angle.
And it’s pretty quiet because you can place it 10 feet away.
And relatively inexpensive.





That’s cool, I live in Ottawa, went to Carleton, and I refereed the University league for 6 years!
I used to play with a lot of the guys at Cy and they were on the Black Sheep with us too!

AND a big stick middy too!

Small World.



Here’s my current setup. Ducted air means I can keep the room cool enough on those hot summer days here in Australia. Bike stays fixed to the trainer, crack in the top tube deemed it unsafe to ride on the road, but makes for a hell of a trainer bike!


I definitely recognize a few of those guys. It truly is a small world.


Well, learnt something today :slight_smile:


Recently bought a small laptop stand to replace the trusty drying rack!