Let's see your paincave!



iPad and the Wahoo Snapper on Bluetooth! Music stand and two fans on the wireless outdoor light controller complete the setup. Works well, but a monitor setup would be cool also… :sunglasses:


John Tesh at that, no doubt.


Don’t be.

Think Rocky IV. Rockys methods were rough and ready, Dragos were cutting edge.

Rocky won. :facepunch::grinning:


Only downside is sharing the room with the litter boxes for our cats.


I’ve just switched to a Fire Tablet and it’s been rock solid so far (Tacx Neo, Stages Power Meter and Wahoo HRM).

I do reboot it before each workout just to make sure nothing in the background is getting in the way, so it might be worth trying that.


Thanks for the feedback I will give that a shot!


Finally got a permanent setup today.


Have you tried Zwift on the Fire Tablet? That seems to be the biggest hurdle with android based tablets.


I’m afraid I don’t Zwift so I don’t know (I am in IT thought, and I know it’s a lot harder to do stuff on Android than iOS because of all the different hardware options that are out there), particularly around the graphics chipsets.

The Fire tablets are not the fastest around (hence why they are fairly cheap).



Work in Progress.


I think I’ve seen this in a horror movie before :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to say that I’m not seeing many ‘caves’! I’d be chuffed if my living room looked as tech’d out as shown in a few of these shots :laughing:


Smart idea those walls, in case you have a mental break down :wink:


what is the black thing in the wall behind the hanging bike? Crawl space access?

Love the planks on the wall behind the monitor.


I like the laptop mount! Got a link to it?


A window. I plan on cutting it out to put a glass door in with a small deck out there for conference calls, take the trainer “outside” or just more cold air in the winter.


The brand is Ergotron - they seem to sell a lot of wall mounts of various types. I couldn’t find an exact match on their website to link you to though. Truthfully, the wall mount came with the house. I just moved it to the basement from a bedroom so I could use it for training. It looks like similar stuff retails around $200. It is useful as a set up.



This is my cave. Watch the 2 hour live or recorded podcasts on my iPad , big speaker under the fan in front. Have the TR workout on my plugged in iPhone (on the lower level of my tripod with food there too.) controlling the Tack Neo in Erg mode. Currently in SSB II Hi Vol . I’m facing the windows in my garage double door so I can look outside and watch it snow!