Let's see your paincave!



Great setup, how many banks have you robbed and how do you get away with it?
(asking for a friend :wink: )




LOL! Well, I have no wife, no kids and presently, no girlfriend, so no big expenses.


Damn some really nice setups. Mine is fairly simple. I am in my shed, using my BBQ as a stand; having a brick as wheel support and training on a dumb trainer :slight_smile:

If i need a fan, i just open the doors :slight_smile:


Love your sense of humor. Had tears in my eyes. :joy:



Did you listen to the latest podcast? :crazy_face: Aging athletes need more protein.


I have been playing around with a design for a rolling stand to build but seeing your post inspired me to look into this with a folding shelf bracket. That way it is out of the way when not in use. Thank you. What model bracket did you use?


Seriously look into a stronger fan. Or at least an additional fan. That little one will be ok on your face, but the rest of you will want something soon.

  • Wahoo Kickr (for road and TT bikes)
  • Kreitler Rollers (for track bikes, to be replaced by InsideRide E-Motion rollers in a week or so)
  • iPad Mini 4 projected via screen mirroring and Apple TV
  • Monitor (I prefer it on the floor tilted up so I don’t have to strain my neck to ride)
  • I don’t use speakers, but prefer bluetooth over the ear headphones
  • Giant fan

What could be better? Well, for starters, I’d like a giant 60" monitor! :smile:


Luckily I have a nice temp controlled space I’m set up in, but yeah, a fan addition/upgrade is on the radar.


I used a 12" (30cm) brass hinge. It comes with all 12 screws, however I used six 1 1/2" (~40mm) deck screws to affix the hinge to the wall.

EDIT: The shelf is reinforced with a parachute cord suspension system using screw in eyelets. To keep it from falling down when stowed I used a spring loaded gate latch


Thank you. I am thinking about using a folding shelf system to do something similar.


Can you share the website for that product please?


Could be this one: https://purelycustomfit.com/product/wheel-riser/


Yes, that’s the one: https://purelycustomfit.com/product/wheel-riser/ It cost less than the wahoo climber. https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/bike-trainers/kickr-climb-indoor-grade-simulator, but you have to get off your bike and adjust it manually. I have a portable electric drill to quickly adjust it.


Dude–it works for you and better to be frugal!


that BMC is beautiful


Thank you! You will probably like my main track racing bike, then :slight_smile:


Holy s#$&, that’s beautiful.


Yes! We need need more track & fixed gear representation here.