Let's see your paincave!



Are those for sound proofing your walls? I used to have a wahoo kickr but got rid of it because the noise it made resulted in permanent hearing damage–tinnitus.


Do your over the ear headphones not get too sweaty? I haven’t tried them but it seems like it would be a mess…


I think this would be better in theory than in practice. That is unless your bike is set-up way far back from it.


Not a problem for me. I wear a sweat band and the fan is blowing so hard and evaporating sweat so fast that it’s not a problem. They do get sweaty, for sure, just not so bad to where i can’t wear them.

I really need to get a set of bluetooth ear buds…just not sure what to get. I absolutely abhor my Apple wired ear buds…have to be the worse possible designed ear buds in history.


I’ve got a set of jbl over the ear headphones(Bluetooth) they were a replacement pair for another model that died. https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/jbl-endurance-sprint
So far they have been excellent, touch control on right side.


Where the work gets done. I know every knot in those garage doors!


Currently remodeling…no more switches, Alexa controls everything


I have the same, as far as Alexa. I have all the lights and fans except the Wahoo one on smart switches. FireTV and Harmony remote lets me do everything by voice.


Can you say a bit more about how Alexa controls everything, @coolbrezusa ?


TV’s, Trainer and Fan are all on smart switches so I control them with my voice to turn on and off. I tell Alexa to “Get Ready” she turns on TV’s and trainer, then I tell her to turn the fan on when I get on the bike. Smart TV is controlled via a Firestick which responds to Alexa commands as well so i tell her what i want to watch. When I am done I tell her and she turns everything off.


Are you Tony Stark?


Down and dirty in my barn


Sieht sehr nach Lionel Sanders Setup aus. :wink:

Nice fan!


Cool bike. Like the oldschool look. Steel frame?


My little corner in the basement


How do you like your rocker plate?


Thanks! Yep, it’s a prototype frame for Brother Cycles in the UK. Reynolds 853, fun frame if a bit small for me, hence the spacers and stem!


Love it, much more comfortable then sitting on a fixed trainer.


Sweet. Happy to hear that :smile:


Best room in the house!!!